George Clooney is ''having fun'' with wife Amal.

The 54-year-old actor and the human rights lawyer celebrated their first wedding anniversary on September 27 and have loved their last 12 months together.

George said: ''We sure are having fun. We had a beautiful anniversary, and we're having fun.''

Though the 'Monuments Men' star admitted he has been learning in their first year of marriage, he didn't want to ''upset'' his 38-year-old wife by revealing what has changed for him.

Asked what he's learned this year, he told People magazine: ''That's a good question, but I can't officially tell you any of those things because that would be wrong, and she would be upset that I told anyone what I've learned.''

George was speaking at the New York Film Festival's 15th anniversary screening of his movie 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' and he joked he was so nervous about seeing himself on the big screen, he would need to turn to alcohol.

He quipped: ''I mean, drinking is gonna be my secret going in there to watching myself 15 years ago. On a big screen? Holy s**t!. That's pretty rough.''

The couple celebrated their anniversary at the Sunset Tower Hotel's Tower Bar in West Hollywood.

An onlooker previously said: ''It was a lovely, quiet romantic meal, just the two of them.''

Another source said: ''They stayed a few hours. They celebrated with champagne and both of them were all dressed up for the occasion. She had on a fancy dress and gorgeous jewellery.''