George Clooney's mansion re-fit is driving his neighbours ''mad''.

The 54-year-old Hollywood star and his wife Amal, 37, are spending as much as £10 million to revamp their stunning property in the affluent area of Sonning Eye in Oxfordshire, South East England - but the construction work is starting to anger some of the local residents.

One neighbour said: ''It's disgusting - it's driving me mad. The place looks like an absolute mess and there's no end in sight.''

Another resident said the extensive re-fit - which includes the installation of a cinema - has disturbed the tranquility of the local area and is irritating people in Sonning Eye.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: ''It's awful. You can hear the builders shouting and calling when you walk along the river. That really disturbs the atmosphere.''

Meanwhile, an employee of the local cafe revealed George and Amal were both regular customers of the establishment.

She shared: ''George comes in here all the time. He sits at the table overlooking the river.

''He gets left alone - no one bothers him. He loves it and he's very generous.''