It's now time to get excited for what looks to be one of the most visually stunning movies of the year as the first full trailer for George Clooney's 'Tomorrowland' arrives, bringing with it adventure, danger,  fantasy, and a whole lotta mystery.

George Clooney in 'Tomorrowland'George Clooney is a scientist again in 'Tomorrowland'

There's not a lot of information being revealed out this upcoming magical, sci-fi journey, but from what we gather we can expect a shedload of futuristic gadgets, an object of extreme power, a mystical land beyond reach and angst-ridden teenaged hero. Standard fantasy stuff then - but we wouldn't have it any other way.

'Tomorrowland'The futuristic Disney world will hit the big screen

The story seemingly begins with a young science enthusiast named Casey Newton (ridiculously appropriate surname - we thought so too) who gets into a spot of trouble with the cops and winds up being in possession of a tiny metal pin bearing an emblem of some kind representing the letter 'T'. It appears to show her a sunny wheatfield, beyond which lies a city unlike any she's ever seen before. She is determined to find out more and tracks down a reclusive old scientist named Frank Walker who realises that she might be exactly what he's looking for in order to save the future.

Watch the trailer for 'Tomorrowland' here: 


Britt Robertson plays Casey; a familiar name having recently starred in the adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel 'The Longest Ride'. She's also currently filming the drama 'Cook' alongside Eddie Murphy, while her Oscar winning co-star George Clooney's projects include the Coen brothers' comedy 'Hail, Caesar!' and Jodie Foster's tense thriller 'Money Monster'. 'Tomorrowland' will also star Hugh Laurie from 'House M.D.', playing a character named David Nix, and Judy Greer as Casey's mom - another actress who's exceptionally busy at the moment, currently gearing up for the release of 'Jurassic World' and 'Ant-Man'.

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Directing this remarkable Disney adventure is double Academy Award winner Brad Bird (most famous for helming 'Ratatouille' and 'The Incredibles'), who also co-wrote the screenplay with talented Primetime Emmy winning writer Damon Lindelof ('Lost', 'World War Z', 'Star Trek Into Darkness', 'Prometheus'). Bird has also recently been announced to direct the adaptation of James Dalessandro's novel '1906'.

Britt Robertson in 'Tomorrowland'Britt Robertson's world is about to change forever

As keen Disney fans may have noticed, the film (though previously entitled '1952') is now named after a sector of Disneyland that deals with all things scientific and futuristic. Not unpredictably, some of the filming actually took place at the theme parks, with locations inlcuding the Carousel of Progress at Walt Disney World, Florida and It's a Small World at Disneyland, California.

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'Tomorrowland' is set for release in the US on May 22nd 2015.

Hugh Laurie in 'Tomorrowland'Hugh Laurie plays the mysterious David Nix in 'Tomorrowland'