George Clooney ''wears the pants'' in his marriage - but admits wife Amal is the ''smart one''.

The 'Tomorrowland' actor, who recently admitted to feeling less intelligent than his human rights lawyer spouse, doesn't think there's any question that Amal is smarter than him.

He quipped to 'Extra': ''I get to wear the trousers and she gets to be the smart one; that's a fair deal, that's a fair trade. I was asked, you know, 'Is she the smart one in the family?' and I don't think anyone would argue with that, do you?''

The 54-year-old actor recently admitted he feels like an ''idiot'' in discussions with his wife, saying: ''Often times I feel like an idiot talking to my own wife. It's never good.''

The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary last month with a quiet dinner at the Sunset Tower Hotel's Tower Bar in West Hollywood, and he admitted he let the 37-year-old barrister choose the restaurant because he's a ''creature of habit'' and will never venture to anywhere new.

He said: ''I might want to just go down the street to the same sushi bar that I could eat four nights a week.

''And she's like, 'No that's not going to happen. Not for the anniversary we're not going to do that.' ''