What is it about Alfonso Cuaron's new movie Gravity that excites you most? Is it the intrigue of its mini cast of two huge actors? Is it the scores of emphatic reviews that tell you that this is a space movie like no other? Or perhaps you've already had your breath taken away by the numerous promo shots showing vulnerable, airy puffs of astronaut suspended in oxygen dependence against the punctuated canvas of astral bodies in deep space.

The Movie Employs Breath-Takingly Beautiful Scenes With A Gripping Drama.

As we in the United Kingdom wait with baited breath to catch our first glimpse of Gravity and let Cuarón blast us off into the wild blue yonder, those cheeky Americans have already had their first sip of the indigo-hued, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock-tinged space nectar we desire.

If you haven't heard, Gravity's space-scape cinematography is a big deal. Director of Photography Emmanuel Lubezki compensated for the sparse dialogue and sparser cast with arrestingly real space vistas, transporting the casual cinemagoer into what feels like being the only guest at a planetarium.

Watch The Gravity Extended Trailer:

Rather than ambient music and perhaps David Tennant's soft voice transporting us on our galactic tour, we have two astronauts carrying out some maintenance work upon a space station before disaster hits. Clooney and Bullock - the only actors in this lonely film - spend time marvelling at the mightiness of space all the while a mightier disaster is headed their way.

Gravity Sandra Bullock
Bullock & Clooney Play Astronauts Tending To Their Space Station.

There's a catharsis of peacefulness, philosophical musings and disorientating spacewalking until disaster suddenly strikes. Their craft is hit by flying debris and a nightmarish scenario ensues. The pair battle fire, equipment failure and parachute problems whilst trying to save their skin and prevent being launched, adrift into the black abyss.

After the movie's premiere at this year's Venice Film Festival, The Guardian evocatively described Gravity as "a howl in the wilderness that sucks the breath from your lungs," "steered masterfully" by the "brilliant" Cuarón. Though some griped that the storyline could have been a little more padded, it is evident that the strength of this film lies in its gut-twisting isolation and nail-biting survival sequences.

Gravity Movie
All Is Serene Until Disaster Strikes.

The movie is now ready for general release and premiered in New York last night (2nd October) with all the stars out in the night, including Emma Watson, Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and the most dazzling of them all, Ursa Major.

Rendered in 3D, the powerful drama will be an absolutely immersive experience: don't miss your call to become an astronaut.

Gravity George Clooney
Not Too Much Longer To Wait, UK.

Out now in the USA, Gravity will be released on the 8th November in the UK.