The Lego Movie is still going strong, after three straight weekends at the top of the box office charts. Over the three-day period, the movie made $31,5 million, leaving the competition far behind. New releases 3 Days to Kill and Pompeii came in at Nos. 2 and 3 with $12.3 million and a disappointing $10 million, respectively. Compared to Lego, the numbers seem very low, but they’re fairly typical of the slow February box office.

Lego Still
People are still paying to see The Lego Movie, not so much anything else.

Robocop and The Monuments Men both saw significant drops this weekend, taking fourth and fifth place in the weekend charts. RoboCop made just $9.4 million, while the George Clooney-directed historical flick made just over $8 million on its third outing – still not a bad record for a February release.

If you're still undecided, check out The Monuments Men trailer below.

About Last Night, the latest in a string of remakes no one really needed, fell to number 6 this weekend, with just $7.4 million, which, as TV Guide helpfully informs us, constitutes a 70% drop from its debut last week. Despite the flop however, Kevin Hart can still count it as a success, what with this being the second film he stars in to make the 2014 box office. The other one, cop comedy Ride Along took seventh place this week with $4.7 million.

About Last Night hasn't been getting love from the critics.

Disney’s Frozen is still hanging around too. Now in its fifteenth week in theaters, the animated story held steady at number 8 with $4.4 million. And last and sort of least, were Endless Love (No. 9, $4.3 million) and Winter's Tale ($2.1 million), aka the movies you will not be paying to see next weekend.

Frozen Still
There's also Frozen, which is still, well, frozen.