Earlier this month (Oct15), Uri unveiled a sculpture of a bent red spoon by the artist Alan Wells next to a path which runs past the estate George shares with his wife Amal in Sonning, England.

However the artwork sparked a storm of controversy after council officials declared the Israeli TV personality had failed to get proper planning authorisation from officials at Wokingham Borough Council.

A report on Friday (16Oct15) stated the sculpture had gone missing, and Uri's spokesperson has since confirmed he removed it after having a premonition that the statue would not be granted retrospected planning permission.

"I've now managed to get hold of Uri and there is an explanation for the missing spoon sculpture," Geller's spokesman Kevin Lewis tells getreading.com.

"Uri had a very strong feeling that retrospective planning was going to be denied, his feelings are usually right after all he is Uri Geller. So the decision has been made that (it) is to be removed from Sonning on Thames and flown to Jerusalem, to be presented as a symbol of peace in order to aid Uri in his efforts in that regard. Uri still wants to leave a gift to the village of Sonning, so watch this space."

The sculpture, which was donated to mark the celebrity spoon-bender's 35 years spent living in the Berkshire village, had prompted acts of vandalism, as one prankster placed a bag of dog faeces next to the statue alongside a handwritten message reading, "Just another pile of c**p left on the Thames towpath."

Referring to the vandal, Uri wrote on his Facebook.com page, "This is not only disgusting, it is irresponsible and dangerous. Do you not realise how dangerous dog feces is? If the bag rips, it falls on the floor and a child comes along and happens to touch it, I'm sure that as an intelligent adult, you understand the danger of this?"

Like Uri, Ocean's Eleven star George has also fallen foul of local planning officials, as he had to alter plans to install surveillance cameras around the grounds of his estate and has been ordered by officials at South Oxfordshire District Council to move a fence which sits between the house and the river.