Star Wars Read Through

'Star Wars VII': "Raahhgh uughguughhaahnr wrrhwrwwh!" - that's Wookiee for "That new Star Wars cast is dope, yo!" Star Wars fans of all ages were given a shot of sweaty-palmed anticipation this week when the cast of JJ Abrams upcoming Star Wars sequel, Episode VII, was announced. Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and other original cast members will be joining a host of new faces, including Domhnall Gleeson, Max Von Sydow and Andy Serkis. See the photo of the new cast and find out more here.

Clooney Bagged: The air was filled with yells of envy this week as it was announced that actor George Clooney has become engaged to Amal Alamuddin after just a few months of dating. You'd be forgiven for being sceptical towards perpetual bachelor Cloonz's happy news but this time it's different. Find out how Clooney's family reacted. Amal isn't just another attention-craving bimbo: she's an accomplished human rights lawyer with unnaturally lustrous hair. For more info, check out our profile on Amal, AKA the one Clooney wouldn't let get away.

Peaches Geldof

Peaches Verdict: A sombre tone fell upon the headlines yesterday when it was confirmed that the late Peaches Geldof had been using heroin before her untimely death on the 7th April. The Class A drug is said to have likely played a part in the 25 year-old mother-of-two's sudden and unexpected death. Read full report. Peaches was buried last Monday in a beautiful painted coffin with her famous family and rocker husband in attendance - read full story.

'Mean Girls' Anniversary: Ten years - think about it ten years - has elapsed since the release of Tina Fey's seminal high school comedy Mean Girls. Read our tribute to the best sleepover movie of all time. A decade on and we're still laughing, quoting, coordinating our outfits and trying to "make fetch happen." We've also picked out ten favourite quotes. Responding to calls for a sequel, Fey and her husband are penning a Broadway musical with two spin-off movies also planned. Get up to date on all the latest.

The Single Prince: The British tabloids had a field day this week when it was announced that Prince Harry had split from girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. Though the pair's split is said to be amicable, it is said to have been brought about by Bonas' reluctance to step into the public eye as an extension of the royal family. Despite having appeared at an official engagement recently and being the centre of engagement rumours, the 25 year-old dancer reportedly wants to focus on her career. Read more here.

The Other Woman

One For The Girls: New Cameron Diaz flick The Other Woman served a polished middle finger to the snooty critics of the world last weekend when the revenge comedy scored an impressive first weekend at the box office, toppling Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Watch the trailer. The film, which also stars Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and Nicki Minaj, took $24.7m on opening, despite having been trashed by critics. Read a reviews round-up (it's pretty brutal).

Lostprophets Regroup: It takes balls to stay together after a scandal like Ian Watkins' paedophilia conviction but rockers Lostprophets have shown they're still in it for the music. Of course, they won't be performing under the same moniker - now associated with Watkins' heinous deeds - but the five remaining band members have teamed up with Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly for a new generation of "forward-thinking" rock. Find out what Rickly had to say about his new band.

Video Of The Week - 'I Origins' Trailer: Enjoy your science served with a side order of mind-bending philosophy? Then you'll love Michael Pitt's sci-fi turn in the powerful new drama, I Origins. Check out the trailer. Pitt plays Ian Gray, a biologist researching the evolution of the human eye when he is drawn to Sofi (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey) and her mesmerising eyes. Both life and Ian's research soon take an unexpected turn as the lines between science and spirituality are blurred. Find out more.