George Ezra was joined by his father on stage at Glastonbury Festival.

The 'Budapest' hitmaker opened his set on the Pyramid Stage with a performance of his catchy track 'Cassy O''.

Addressing the crowd of revellers, he said: ''Hello everybody, my names George Ezra and this is my band.

''We're going to play some lovely songs for you.''

Later in his set, George called on the services of his father to help him with a quick guitar change, telling the crowd: ''Now he can say he performed on the Pyramid Stage.''

The 22-year-old singer went on to perform some of his biggest hits including 'Blame It On Me' and 'Budapest' as well as a cover of Macy Gray's 'I Try'.

George ended his set at the festival - which is sponsored by EE - with an amazing performance of 'Did You Hear The Rain'.

Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter recently admitted it was his dad's music collection which sparked his musical inspiration.

He said: ''It's a blessing having the internet, 'cause you Google those names and it points you to Woody Guthrie, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGee, Leadbelly, Howling Wolf, Robert Johnson.

''I was into Kings of Leon and saw a behind the scenes video where they were talking about their influences, and it goes back to the same source, and you realise it's all connected.''