George Ezra has been seeing a therapist over Zoom.

The 'Paradise' hitmaker recently announced he has put his music career on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic and revealed he doesn't have any plans to record new records in the near future, due to ongoing health concerns.

He said: ''Am I prepared to get on the train unnecessarily? No, I won't be doing that for a while.

''If I'm still not ready to do anything by then I'll be standing by that ... what I have learnt is that no-one really knows.''

And the BRIT Award-winner has now revealed he's been seeing a therapist via the video conferencing app since the start of lockdown and it's been so helpful having someone who knows all about his past experiences with mental health there for him when he needs it most.

Speaking on his 'Phone A Friend' podcast, he said: ''In the first week of isolation I was introduced to a therapist just on the phone.

''I was aware that for a while I had been in a good place compared to where it had been in the past.

''I thought, this might be a good time to start a conversation with somebody while you are able to talk fluidly.

''I can talk clearly about what I experience without being at the eye of the storm at the moment, instead of waiting for, like last week, it to explode again and go, 'I need help!' ... so for the last few months I've spoken to this guy on Zoom and it has just been incredible.''

The 27-year-old star has urged anyone who is battling with their mental health to seek therapy.

He added: ''I am so grateful to myself for having started to talking to him in a moment where I was able to get across what I've experienced in the past and everything around that. So that last week, when I needed help, there was already the backstory.

''We'd had 10 weeks or so of talking.

''I've found this person that I am able to talk to and I really love it.

''For anyone that is in a position where they can talk to somebody and is curious as to whether they should or not, I would say try it.''