George Ezra's sleep paralysis has returned with a vengeance.

The 'Budapest' hitmaker has suffered with night terrors for many years, but the stress of the coronavirus pandemic has disturbed his sleep more than ever before.

The 26-year-old musician recently had a nightmare whereby he was in the same bed as one of the terrorising Death Eaters from the 'Harry Potter' movies, and admitted the lack of shut-eye is disrupting his work as he's too ''knackered'' in the day and has lost his ''motivation'' to write inspiring lyrics.

He said: ''I had my first bout of sleep paralysis that I have had for years, which essentially involved me sharing a bed with a Death Eater, and it was horrible.

''So I woke up the next day and was knackered, so that pushes you back a bit, and now at this point I've noticed in myself I have lost motivation because the idea of things picking up again is like: I can't imagine it.''

Although he's not writing anything new, George has been tweaking the material he'd already prepared for his follow-up to to 2018's 'Staying at Tamara's'.

He added to his 'Phone A Friend' podcast: ''I start beating myself up and I am like, 'Look, it's been two months and you could have written three albums in that time', and it's not happening.

''I am sitting down to write everyday as you would and it's not inspiring.

''From a creative point of view, I'm not feeling pumped up by this s**t.

''I have been playing around with songs I've already written for the next record, whether or not that make it I don't know.''

The BRIT Award-winning star recently admitted he's getting frustrated during the lockdown and has moments of rage.

He said: ''I want to rip my clothes off and just scream!

''I have just felt a bit flat about it all.

''I can find myself slipping down little paths in my mind where I am like: 'I am not sure this is the best place to be.'''