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26th May 2015

Fact: A previously unseen letter penned by music icon George Harrison has sold for $20,000 (£12,500). The note was written by The Beatles star to a U.S. DJ in 1966.

29th September 2014

Fact: The Killers star Brandon Flowers and Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson hit the high notes at a George Harrison tribute concert in Los Angeles on Sunday night (28Sep14). George Fest: A Night To Honour The Music of George Harrison also brought out rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and 'Weird Al' Yankovic. All proceeds from the gig benefited musicians' charity Sweet Relief.

18th March 2013

Fact: A new blue plaque commemorating The Beatles stars John Lennon and George Harrison has been unveiled in London. The memorial was placed on the site of a shop on Baker Street once owned by the band's Apple Corps company. It replaces a previous plaque which was solely dedicated to Lennon.

17th February 2013

Quote: "I'd been there with my father and his friends, I've worked there for a lot of Beatles stuff... but it was my first time recording something we've written. It was like a rite of passage. I'm honoured to have been able to do it." George Harrison's son Dhani felt lucky to be able to record the score for new movie Beautiful Creatures in the same Abbey Road studios in London where his dad and his Beatles bandmates performed.

5th September 2012

Fact: A leather jacket worn by The Beatles legend George Harrison is expected to sell for as much as $192,000 (£120,000) at a Bonhams auction in December (12). The guitarist wore the jacket at the Fab Four's early gigs in Liverpool, England and in Hamburg, Germany.

30th May 2012

Fact: George Harrison's musician son Dhani was a former aerodynamicist for sportscar company MCLaren.

31st January 2012

Fact: British funnyman Russell Brand interviewed Beatles legend Ringo Starr for a special radio broadcast in Hollywood on Monday (30Jan12). The pair chatted about George Harrison and Eric Clapton during SiriusXM's Town Hall show.

18th January 2012

Fact: George Harrison's treasure trove of guitars is set to go on display at a virtual showroom as part of a new iPad application created in partnership with the late Beatle star's estate. The Guitar Collection: George Harrison, which is due out next month (Feb12), will offer pictures and fascinating facts about the instruments. Fans will also be able to listen to the tracks he played on them.

4th December 2011

Fact: A classic Aston Martin once owned by Beatles legend George Harrison is set to go under the hammer in London on Wednesday (07Dec11). The luxury car is expected to fetch as much as $416,000 (£260,000).

2nd October 2011

Quote: “If John and George were still here it’s highly likely we would’ve had a Beatles reunion. I think we would’ve mellowed to the point where we would’ve said, ‘Come on, let’s do it’." Sir Paul McCartney is convinced the Beatles would have staged a comeback if George Harrison and John Lennon were still alive.

17th April 2009

Quote: "These people aren't here to hear the music, they're here to look at a wax dummy of George Harrison." Late Beatles star GEORGE HARRISON's son Dhani Harrison accepts many people in the audience at his thenewno2 shows aren't really fans.

15th April 2009

Quote: "I never took Mick Jagger seriously. I always thought he was a friend. When he was pursuing me I just thought he was kidding." Eric Clapton and George Harrison's ex-wife PATTIE BOYD never fell for the ROLLING STONE's charms.

26th January 2009

Fact: Muslim convert Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly knows as CAT STEVENS, has covered George Harrison's THE DAY THE WORLD GET ROUND for a new album, which will be sold to raise cash for American Indians. The project is the brainchild of KLAUS VOORMANN, who worked with Harrison's former Beatle bandmate John Lennon in the PLASTIC ONO BAND and came up with the Fab Four's Revolver album cover art.

31st October 2008

Fact: George Harrison's son DHANI has recorded a new album at his late father's Friar Park estate with the former beatle's vintage gear. The album, You Are Here - recorded under the name Thenewno2, is only available as a download on iTunes.

5th May 2008

Quote: "We always say GEORGE fought for me because someone would say, 'What are you doing with him?' and George would shout back... He wasn't always a guru." Ringo Starr on George Harrison's support when he joined the Beatles full-time and sparked fights at early Liverpool, England concerts.

12th December 2007

Quote: "George Harrison and I used to joke, 'Okay guys, we've done it now. The next album is going to be called Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel." Sir Paul McCartney on the recording of THE Beatles' Anthology series in the 1990s.

11th October 2006

Fact: A gold and silver chess set modelled on the hands of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is on display at the Takashimaya department store in Tokyo, Japan, and can be snapped up for 4.15 million yen ($35,000/GBP19,400). The set was commissioned by late Beatle George Harrison in 1973.

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