You'd be forgiven for forgetting that a Star Wars Angry bird amalgamation had been announced months ago, with all the news surrounding Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, and the decision to make Star Wars Episode 7.

But today sees the latest release in the merchandising giant's repertoire; Angry Birds Star Wars can be purchased from the app store for $0.99 or £0.69p. A bargain, don't you think? Well the Guardian think so. They posed the question, "Can Angry Birds Star Wars sidestep the compromise and deliver the thrills?" before swiftly answering their own query with, "Yes it can. This is a treat for Star Wars fans and Angry Birds fans alike" Their 5-star review goes to to describe the gameplay as "a mix of all the previous Angry Birds games to date, including the basic bird-slinging action of the first three games in the series, and the gravity-ruled planetary action of Angry Birds Space." 

This potentially dangerous partnership; the biggest sci-fi brand connecting with the most popular mobile game could have been considered risky, as neither party would want their contribution watered down, but, according to IGN (and they should know) it works. "Whether or not you're a Star Wars fan, Angry Birds Star Wars is a ton of fun," reads their more indepth, 8.8/10 review. "With its latest, Rovio has proven that Angry Birds can be more than a casual slingshotting time killer. Although it doesn't stray too far from its pick-up-and-play roots, at its best the game contains real challenge and surprisingly clever twists. Gamers will come for the Star Wars references, but they'll stay for the huge variety of perfectly-tuned stages. Bring on more Angry Birds collaborations!"