Disney's latest investment, a $4.05 billion deal for Lucasarts, brings with it a wealth of opportunity; the continuation of the Star Wars film saga, for one, has been confirmed. But there's so much more to come, reports The Orlando Sentinal. 

Video games, merchandise and TV shows are all viable options, and surely ones they'll take up, but the latest project sees Disney's theme parks set for Jedi revamp. "We have ample opportunity to expand the presence of this franchise in our parks. ... There's room to grow what we've already got, so we feel particularly good about that," Disney Co. Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger said. John Gerner, managing director of Leisure Business Advisors, and a man well placed to comment on such matters, believes the Star Wars franchise will not only stretch to a few extra rides of stalls, but to an entire theme park itself. "With now six movies, it has a great deal of breadth to it," Gerner said. "Just like Harry Potter, there is that possibility of really taking it to a new level." Given the movies, upon their completion, could potentially span five decades, the sheer amount of fans is unthinkable. From sci-fi aficionados, who can boast a ticket stub from A New Hope, to the young fans who get taken by parents to see Episode 7, a Star Wars theme park has longevity, that's for sure.

We'll leave you wistfully dreaming of virtual reality lightsaber battles and underwater trips to Naboo. Enjoy!