George Lucas is set to marry after announcing his engagement to DreamWorks chairwoman Mellody Hobson via his production company Lucasfilm Limited.

The 'Star Wars' creator, 68, has been dating girlfriend Mellody, who is 25 years his junior, for seven years and are now finally planning to tie the knot. He took to Twitter to express his gratitude at the congratulating messages he has received from friends and fans alike. "Thank you for all of your kind messages regarding my engagement. I find them both touching and meaningful", he wrote.

Lucas, while being best known for his work on the seminal 'Star Wars' franchise, was also responsible for producing the 'Indiana Jones' movies which starred Harrison Ford as well as fantasy flicks 'Willow' starring Warwick Davies and 'Labyrinth' starring David Bowie. He has previously been married to movie editor Marcia Lou Griffin with whom he stayed with for 14 years before divorcing in 1983 two years after adopting their first daughter Amanda. Since then, he adopted two other children, Katie and Jett, as well as having a relationship with singer Linda Ronstadt. Mellody has never previously been married and has no children. 

Lucas announced last year that he was selling his production company to Disney in order for the 'Star Wars' franchise to continue long after his death. He told the LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy in an interview that he was looking forward to the transition because "I get to be a fan now. It's a lot more fun."