George MacKay and his 'How I Live Now' co-star and crew celebrated filming their first sex scene with a hug.

The 21-year-old actor stars as Eddie who falls in love with Daisy (Saoirse Ronan) in 2013's drama, and although it wasn't awkward filming the intimate scene he admitted he shared a celebratory hug with his screen love interest and Director of Photography, Franz Lustig, after shooting the scene.

Talking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, MacKay explained: ''It was one of those things that was just there and made sense for the story. And for the DP Franz [Lustig], it was his first sex scene he'd filmed so we all had a hug at the end of it all, going 'Now that we've all done our first sex scene together'.

''It was a couple of takes but it wasn't bad or anything.''

'How I Live Now' tells the controversial story of two cousins who fall in love and although MacKay admits initially this can be seen as ''shocking'' he views it as a ''love story'' and the element of ''forbidden love'' adds to the plot.

The BAFTA-nominated actor said: ''Maybe the idea of that at first might be more shocking but when you understand within reading the book or reading the script as it happens, it just feels ... justified is the wrong word because therefore ... there might be some people who think it's wrong beforehand, but it didn't really phase me to be honest.

''It seemed right that these two people fell in love and that they wanted to be with each other and they needed to be with each other. The fact that they were cousins, in some ways, added a dynamic of forbidden love.''

'How I Live Now' is available on Blu-ray & DVD 10th February, courtesy of eOne Home Entertainment.