The late George Michael reportedly went in secret to a £70,000 per week rehab clinic based around ‘electric shock’ treatment in Switzerland nearly two years ago, in what is said to have been a last-ditch attempt to win his battle with addiction.

An article by The Mirror on Thursday (January 5th) suggested that the singer, who died on December 25th, had undergone treatment back in 2015 at the Kusnacht Practice near Lake Zurich in Switzerland, which treats its patients with electric shock therapy and is said to be the most expensive rehab centre in the world.

At the time he checked in, Michael’s representatives apparently explained away his absence by saying the singer was on an “extensive break”.

George MichaelGeorge Michael is reported to have sought 'electric shock treatment' at a Swiss rehab centre in 2015

One of the treatments he is said to have undergone is ‘TMS’ (transcranial magnetic stimulation) which sees a magnetic device placed above the patient’s head before the brain is subjected to electromagnetic pulses.

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The Kusnacht Practice, which specialises in “addiction, gay and lesbian and any childhood trauma leading to anxiety and depression”, has not confirmed whether the former Wham! singer was ever a patient there (as is standard practice) but did explain the basis of their controversial treatment.

“We believe in recovery without drugs,” one of the practice’s board members, Eduardo Greghi, said. “We believe you can live a fruitful happy life without the need of any mood altering drugs or alcohol. Our treatment is successful because we treat the underlying cause.”

Michael’s representatives have not commented upon the content of The Mirror’s report at the time of writing. Police and coroners have not yet established the cause of the singer’s death.

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