George Michael is working on a new album, according to his Twitter feed today (January 25, 2013). The pop star, who made it big in the ‘80s as part of Wham! and went on to have a successful solo career with songs such as ‘Careless Whisper’ and ‘Faith,’ has been talking about the possibility of a new album for some months, but has now confirmed that the recording process is underway, with a tweet that read “Hi everyone, hope you are all well, just to let you know I've been back in the studio a few weeks now, working on the new record....”

After suffering a serious bout of pneumonia, which left him fighting for his life, George Michael managed to stage a remarkable comeback, which culminated in him performing at last year’s London 2012 Olympics ceremony. However, the response to his performance there was probably not what George expected. Dressed in black leather and reflective shades, the 49 year old started off well, with a performance of his old classic, ‘Freedom 90,’ which fit in well with the nostalgic feel of the event, which also saw the likes of The Spice Girls and The Who perform. Everything went wrong for George Michael, though, when he used the opportunity to promote his new single, which was obviously not such a popular choice for the crowd, who were getting into the sing-along nature of the event.

Suddenly, a nation turned on George. No sooner were we praising his physical recovery than we were calling for him to be banished from the world of pop, for his commercial faux pas. So, George, you might be busy recording a new album, but some of us are still sulking over the Olympics, you know. 

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