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1st April 2017

Fact: The four judges on The Voice U.K. are set to perform a tribute to George Michael to kick off the show's final. Jennifer Hudson, Tom Jones, and Gavin Rossdale will reportedly sing his hit Freedom on Saturday night (01Apr17). The singer died in December (16), aged 53, and was laid to rest this week (beg27Mar17).

5th January 2017

Quote: "I was the first day, coming from a Thierry Mugler - which we did five shows, from 6.30am in the morning 'til 3.30am the next morning, and then had to fly on the first flight out and go Paris to London, right to set. I was exhausted, but so happy to be there." Supermodel Naomi Campbell is thankful to have been involved in George Michael's iconic Freedom '90 music video, which was directed by David Fincher and also featured Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Tatjana Patitz. The pop star died on Christmas Day (25Dec16), aged 53.

29th December 2016

Fact: SiriusXM satellite radio bosses are to launch a seven-day George Michael tribute channel next month (Jan17). The Faith channel will feature the late singer's entire body of work from his days as a member of Wham! to his solo hits and his high-profile collaborations with the likes of Elton John, Aretha Franklin, and Queen. The channel will launch on 4 January (17). George Michael died on Christmas Day (25Dec16) due to heart failure. He was 53.

25th June 2015

Tweet: "To my lovelies and fans around the world, thank you for all the birthday wishes, I am truly overwhelmed. I am looking forward to spending it with friends and family, thanks again, love The Singing Greek!" British pop star George Michael is grateful for fans' birthday messages as he turns 52.

22nd September 2014

Quote: "I do think that was because he spent so much time in the closet that he's sort of over-compensating, being the uber-gay man now in every positive and negative aspect of it. It's like he invented gay now." Former Frankie Goes to Hollywood frontman Holly Johnson is suspicious of fellow British pop star George Michael's behaviour.

13th June 2013

Quote: "He's doing extremely well. He is writing a new album."George Michael's spokeswoman reveals the singer is working on new songs for an upcoming release as he recovers from head injuries sustained after falling out of a moving car on a busy motorway near London last month (May13). The 49 year old is recuperating at home after spending almost two weeks in hospital following the 16 May (13) drama.

13th June 2013

Fact: One Direction star Harry Styles has paid tribute to George Michael in tattoo form after getting lyrics from the Wham! legend's hit track Careless Whisper inked on his ankles.

9th October 2012

Quote: "On my way to Manchester today, can't wait! Always great fun with you there! And apparently about 40 of Coronation Street stars are coming ! I hope they are near the stage!!" George Michael is delighted castmembers from the U.K. soap opera will be in the audience for his show in Manchester, England on Tuesday night (09Oct12).

24th May 2012

Tweet: "Morning everyone, today is a special day in my part of the world... my better half's birthday!" George Michael is celebrating his boyfriend's birthday on Thursday (24May12).

5th February 2012

Tweet: "Just saw the Madonna video, she looks great. as for the song, err....don't really think I should comment." George Michael isn't a huge fan of the Queen of Pop's new track Give Me All Your Luvin'.

12th January 2012

Fact: George Michael is continuing his recovery from a serious bout of pneumonia by taking a vacation in Amsterdam, Holland. Michael spent weeks being treated by doctors at a hospital in Vienna, Austria but was allowed home to London just before Christmas (11) - and on Wednesday (11Jan12) he jetted out of the U.K. for a break.

1st December 2011

Tweet: "I have not heard any more info about GM although I'm sure he's doing better and is in the best place to get stronger!" British singer Boy George sends well wishes to his pal George Michael, who is currently battling pneumonia in hospital in Vienna, Austria.

26th November 2011

Tweet: "Just spoke to one of GM's closest friends and George is very much alive. Poorly - but in the best hands." Boy George reassures fans George Michael is doing well as he battles pneumonia in an Austrian hospital.

23rd November 2011

Fact: George Michael has rescheduled the gig he cancelled at London's Royal Albert Hall last month (26Oct11). The singer will now perform at the venue on 2 May (12), after a viral infection prevented him from playing the original show.

31st October 2011

Quote: "Morning everyone, just falling back to earth after Saturday nights show... it was almost an out of body experience for me." George Michael is still buzzing after performing a triumphant concert in London at the weekend (29-30Oct11).

24th October 2011

Tweet: "In London, not speaking to anyone till tomorrow, resting my voice for the Albert Hall wanna be perfect for my fellow Londoners." Singer George Michael is preserving his vocals ahead of his gig at the city's prestigious Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday (25Oct11).

20th June 2011

Tweet: "Im feeling much better thanks....face still round.....but actually no rounder than usual." George Michael is recovering well from a tooth infection which forced him to axe a planned charity performance with Alicia Keys last Wednesday (15Jun11).

12th May 2011

Quote: "I'd love to. No one's asked me. I'd imagine they'd go with Take That wouldn't they?" George Michael insists he's not yet been asked to perform at the London Olympics next year (12).

12th May 2011

Quote: "I don't demand very much. I might ask for food so that people can come backstage and eat in my room and I think I ask for flowers, but I certainly don't specify which flowers. I have a very cheap rider." George Michael insists he won't be demanding backstage when he hits the road again later this year (11).

29th April 2011

Tweet: "I'm told that Kate has my badly wrapped CD and that it will be given an airing at the reception ! Hip hip." George Michael is convinced Kate Middleton will play his cover of Stevie Wonder's You & I at her wedding reception after she marries Prince William. The singer recorded the song as a wedding present for the royal couple.

17th April 2011

Quote: "She seems very sweet... and she's a cracker, isn't she? She's great looking. I think the boy done well." Pop star George Michael thinks Kate Middleton will make a beautiful bride when she marries Prince William in London at the end of the month (Apr11). Michael has recorded a version of Stevie Wonder's You and I as a wedding gift to the royal couple.

15th April 2011

Fact: George Michael's song commemorating the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will have its first airing on Piers Morgan's U.S. chat show on Friday night (15Apr11).

11th March 2011

Quote: "Elton can do no wrong because he did so much right for my life. He was one of my mentors in every way as a child who really wanted to write and sing. He will always have a special place, regardless of if we have our tiffs." George Michael will always remain pals with Sir Elton John, no matter how many times they fall out.

28th January 2011

Quote: "My love of George as an artist, writer, musician and friend is precious to me. FAITH is one of his masterpiece projects. Every time I listen to it, I fall in love with it all over again." Janet Jackson is a big fan of George Michael's music.

26th October 2010

Quote: "He's a character, one of the only people I feel really speaks his mind... I really like the way he conducts his interviews. I think he's very humorous and honest. I don't think there's any need to feel sorry for George Michael, I think he's got it pretty down to be honest." British singer ELLY JACKSON of La Roux on troubled singer GEORGE MICHAEL.

17th September 2010

Quote: "He's doing OK. I think he's going to be OK." George Michael's longterm partner KENNY GOSS after visiting the incarcerated singer in prison.

11th August 2010

Fact: Veteran singer George Michael has become the latest star to be honoured by the creators of hit TV show GLEE - an episode dedicated to tracks from the former Wham! star's iconic debut album, Faith, is set to air later this year (10). The special will coincide with the reissue of the 1987 classic in September (10).

4th August 2010

Fact: George Michael is re-releasing his FAITH album as a $150 (£100)-plus superfan limited edition in September (10).

26th December 2009

Quote: "It's Frank Sinatra who reminds me of Christmas. During the school holidays, I used to work behind the bar in my dad's restaurant and he'd always play Sinatra records. So that association is very strong for me." Pop star George Michael feels festive when hears records by Ol' Blue Eyes.

24th December 2009

Quote: "Why doesn't it snow at the right time any more, like it did in the 60s? If it could snow on Christmas Eve, that would be perfect." Pop star George Michael wants a white Christmas.

20th December 2009

Quote: "My house is hardly subtle - I've got a huge tree and wreaths everywhere. I love Christmas but I do get superstitious about taking the decorations down. My mum always told me they have to be down by the sixth of January or it's bad luck!" George Michael is getting into the holiday spirit.

13th December 2009

Fact: The final of U.K. TV talent contest The X Factor attracted a high-calibre audience on Saturday (12Dec09) - British royal Prince Harry was one of the revellers enjoying performances from Robbie Williams, Michael Buble and George Michael in the studio.

11th December 2009

Quote: "In my opinion, Amy Winehouse is probably the most talented singer/songwriter to have come out of Britain in the last few years. And I'm quite impressed with Lady GaGa, too. She's a very original songwriter with a unique overall package." Pop star George Michael names his favourite musical stars of the last few years.

7th December 2009

Quote: "There's one woman, she broke into my house seven times. The police did nothing. And I saw her down the road one day wearing my clothes." George Michael is stunned by the lengths his fans go to to get close to him.

7th December 2009

Quote: "He spends half his time p**sed out of his head in Cornwall (south west England). He really enjoys his life." George Michael on his former Wham! bandmate ANDREW RIDGELEY.

16th June 2009

Fact: Seether have recorded a heavy rock cover of George Michael's hit ballad CARELESS WHISPER.

27th December 2008

Fact: George Michael gave a festive gift to his fans on Christmas Day - his new single December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas) was available to download free from his website.

1st December 2008

Fact: Pop star George Michael will give his fans a special festive gift this December (08) - his new track DECEMBER SONG (I DREAMED OF CHRISTMAS) will be released as a free online download on 25 December. It will be the singer's first Christmas single since Wham!'s LAST CHRISTMAS in 1984.

10th October 2008

Quote: "When I look at Amy and George, I know where they are, I know what they are. I know what it's like to be clacking, sweaty and chaotic and to have no clarity." Eighties pop star Boy George sympathises with troubled stars Amy Winehouse and George Michael over their drug problems.

24th August 2008

Quote: "I really care about GEORGE. I admire his talent and I would think of him as a friend. He is a great, great talent and a really lovely guy." Former Bros star Luke Goss is a close friend of singer George Michael.

23rd July 2008

Quote: "I'd say God! You're going to get fat." Pop star George Michael reveals what he'd tell his former self 16 years ago.

26th June 2008

Quote: "I probably shouldn’t say this, but it’s very me. DR. PHIL is here, and in the sea of faces he has this miserable look - he's been doing it for the last hour. I probably shouldn't say this, but maybe you need to see someone about that." George Michael spotted the TV talk show host in the crowd at his Los Angeles concert on Wednesday night (25Jun08).

5th April 2008

Fact: George Michael stunned the studio audience on U.S. comedienne Ellen Degeneres' chat show on Friday (04Apr08) when he phoned in to give away tickets for his upcoming 'sold out' Los Angeles concert. The generous pop superstar, a longtime DeGeneres fan and friend, offered the entire audience tickets for the show.

31st March 2008

Quote: "I've done too many stupid things for there not to be movies made about me when I'm dead, so I might as well write the script." George Michael explains why he decided to write his autobiography.

29th March 2008

Quote: "I don't want to look at other people my age in leather. Why would I put it on?" Singer George Michael, 44, has ruled out repeating his famous Wham! and FAITH video look on his upcoming U.S. tour.

26th March 2008

Quote: "I find it too terrifying to go out in L.A. now." George Michael avoids being seen in Los Angeles after his controversial arrest in 1998 when he was caught engaging in a lewd sex act in a Beverly Hills public toilet.

26th March 2008

Quote: "I don't want to look at other people my age in leather, so why would I put it on?" George Michael is adamant he won't be resurrecting his trademark 1980s leather jacket for his forthcoming U.S. tour.

25th March 2008

Quote: "I don't want to do anything on this scale again. No more stadiums. I'd like to be the Tony Bennett for my generation." George Michael plans to down-scale his live performances at the end of his current world tour.

29th January 2008

Quote: "For a gay man I must be responsible for a lot of conceptions." Singer George Michael insists his music is perfect for setting the mood in the bedroom.

25th January 2008

Quote: "For a gay man I must be responsible for a lot of conceptions." George Michael considers all the love songs he's recorded.

16th December 2007

Fact: Celebrities on the guest list for the Spice Girls' first London show at the O2 Arena on Saturday (15Dec07) included George Michael, former FRIENDS star David Schwimmer, and singer RIHANNA.

26th November 2007

Quote: "I'm constantly trying to smoke less marijuana." George Michael aims to lead a cleaner lifestyle.

25th September 2007

Fact: Pop star George Michael will be caught cruising for gay sex in the forthcoming final episode of Ricky Gervais' hit comedy EXTRAS.

2nd August 2007

Fact: British singer George Michael is set to auction an Armani suit he wore on his 2006 tour on eBay to raise money for the Terrence Higgins Trust, a British charity that raises money to fight AIDS.

26th June 2007

Fact: British pop star George Michael celebrated his 44th birthday last night (25Jun07) at the Berkeley Hotel in central London. Supermodel Elle MACpherson, funnyman Stephen Fry, and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell were all in attendance at the happy event.

12th June 2007

Quote: "I hear Mr Bush and Mr Blair are allegedly both transvestites. Notice I say allegedly. And on that basis I shouldn't get into trouble for it." George Michael hopes he won't be sued for slander.

25th April 2007

Quote: "She was jumping up and down, going; 'I want to marry him!' I think she's going to be disappointed there." Singer Mutya Buena on her mother's reaction when she said she was going to duet with George Michael on single This is Not Real Love.

20th March 2007

Fact: Classical singer Russell Watson, and not George Michael, will be the first artist to perform at London's new 90,000 capacity Wembley Stadium when he sings the national anthem at the soccer F.A. Cup final on 19 May (07).

9th March 2007

Fact: British pop star George Michael is being paid $1.4 million (GBP750,000) to perform at retail tycoon SIR PHILIP GREEN's forthcoming birthday party in the Maldives next week (begs12MAR07).

18th November 2006

Quote: "I did not have sexual relations with that van driver - I don't s**g old men." British pop star George Michael laughs off his alleged late night encounter with a male stranger on London's Hampstead Heath earlier this year (06).

1st November 2006

Quote: "I hope my future is very different. If I learn to shut my mouth, I can have all the sex I like, when I like. Which I do anyway, to be honest with you. I should shut my mouth and sing." British pop star George Michael outlines his future plans.

1st November 2006

Quote: "I hate being part of a celebrity culture that is distracting us from the fact our government is changing our country." British pop star George Michael wants the press to leave him alone.

2nd October 2006

Quote: "He's fine and I've got him a MCDonald's." George Michael's partner KENNY GOSS insists the singer is well following his police caution for drug possession.

26th July 2006

Quote: "I mean as much as I don't want to be ageist or fattist, it's dark out there but it's not that dark. I've no idea who that guy was - but thank you very much, who ever he was." George Michael explains his 'BERNARD MANNING' (veteran British comedian) description of the man he was spotted 'prowling' London's Hampstead Heath with last week (ends23JUL06).

26th July 2006

Quote: "They have to make me look like the gay WAYNE ROONEY, don't they?" George Michael slams a British newspaper for likening him to the England soccer star who infamously cheated on his girlfriend with an ageing prostitute.

29th November 2005

Fact: <p>Wham!'s 1984 single EVERYTHING SHE WANTS is George Michael's favourite song from the group's back catalogue. </p>

29th November 2005

Quote: <p>"He's never been my cup of tea, I've got to be honest with you." George Michael remains diplomatic when asked about his opinion of pop rival Robbie Williams. </p>

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