Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown have split.

The 'Olympus Has Fallen' actor and his longtime love have gone their separate ways after six years together.

The couple had been last spotted together earlier this month, but People magazine reports their romance has now ended.

Gerard and his on/off girlfriend Morgan Brown split in August 2017 after a ''make or break'' holiday to Mexico, and some of the actor's pals believe he just ''couldn't commit'' to a relationship with the brunette beauty.

A friend said at the time: ''Gerry just isn't ready to settle down. He thought Morgan might have been the right person at the right time but it wasn't to be.

''He's told his friends he just couldn't commit. Gerry loves Morgan but it wasn't working. He has been away filming and he thought it would be better if they went their separate ways. They went away to Mexico to see if it would work out but they both saw it would be best they moved on.''

Gerard and Morgan were thought to have separated the November before and she was then spotted having a stroll with Liev Schreiber.

Gerard had a motorcycle accident in 2018, and had previously revealed how it made him appreciate how ''precious'' his life is.

He said: ''It made me really appreciate how precious life is because I could have landed any number of ways that would have taken me out ... I was going along the road doing my thing and this lady decided to go from parked on the other side of the road to an illegal U-Turn and went right in front of me. I smacked the car, went flying through the air and did a somersault and landed and it hurt a bit.

''A lot of them watched that happen and they're like, 'That was you?!' So I'm sitting down and my feet are killing me and my shoes are ripped and [one guy asks], 'So, how's it all goin'?' And I [tried to say], 'Well I'm supposed to be doing an action movie in about three weeks.'''