Gerard Butler has done a lot since playing the daring soldier in 300, and has quickly become a sex symbol around the world. So it's no surprise that he would be taking over a role from another sex symbol. But this is a little different. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Butler playing Bodhi in the surfer film Point Break, a part made famous by Patrick Swayze.

Gerard ButlerGerard Butler can pull off the scruffy look

Point Break has become an unlikely cult hit since it came out in 1991, and tells the story of an undercover FBI agent who gets in with the surfing crowd to try to bust a bank-robbing ring. The story has been kept alive, not only by the bros of the world, but by a stage version called Point Break Live."

The risk of remaking a cult hit is many cult hits are popular for random reasons, like their tackiness or blatant silliness (in this case, an immense amount of bro quotes). Fellow cult film Red Dawn was remade in 2012, to less-than-stellar reviews, and Point Break may share a similar fate.

Gerard ButlerGerard Butler at a boutique opening in Los Angeles

Keanu Reeves' original character in the film has yet to be cast in the new version, but chances are no one will be able to play it as well as the man himself. If Gerard Butler is indeed on board with this film, he will pull it off, as he always does. And hey, maybe it will even bring the ladies out to the theaters.