Geri Halliwell greeted her hairdresser wearing just her underwear.

The former Spice Girls star had hoped to bond with her stylist and reportedly answered the door to him wearing just her bra and pants because she thought he was gay and swiftly changed her behaviour when she realised her mistake.

The unnamed hairdresser told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "She presumed that because I'm a hairdresser I'd be gay. Well I'm not, I love ladies.

"The sight of her standing there in her bra and knickers was embarrassing, so I told her to get dressed so I could focus. She was then embarrassed too and once she'd got her clothes on, she was quite rude.

"I started to feel really uncomfortable being in her home. Not surprisingly, she never called me back. A week later, I found she'd hired my gay friend."

While Geri, 37, has struggled to bond with her hairdresser, other stars don't have the same problem.

Jessica Simpson and her stylist Ken Paves - who previously worked together on a range of hair extensions - have been close friends for years and are regularly seen enjoying evenings together.

Last year, Ken was rushed to hospital after he was hit in the face by a photographer's camera following dinner with Jessica.

Kate Moss is also close to her hairdresser James Brown and featured heavily in a recent documentary following the crimper as he set up his own salon.

However, the supermodel was said to have been furious with how frequently she appeared, causing friction in their friendship.