Geri Horner is keen to continue her education and would love to study English or history at university.

The 51-year-old Spice Girls star missed out on the chance to go to university when she was young because she was busy chasing her dream of working in the entertainment industry but she's admitted she longs to continue learning and she's thinking about taking a course to help her expand her knowledge.

Speaking on the 'Headliners' podcast, she explained: "Education is like your superpower in your back pocket. I am so grateful that I have had one.

I was thinking about maybe going back to education. I think so at some point – English or history. I’d probably study the Tudors and Anne Boleyn because I feel she was shamed for being smart. If you really unpack that narrative, she was completely thrown under the bus."

It comes a year after Geri was awarded an honorary degree from Sheffield Hallam University in recognition of her activism.

She was given the chance to wear traditional university robes at the ceremony in November, 2022 and she said of the honour: "'It is a great privilege to receive this honorary award from Sheffield Hallam University.

"I sincerely believe education is a superpower, supporting young people with the confidence, perspective and experience to pursue their life goals and dreams. I'm delighted to receive the award ... "

She returned to the same university earlier this month to give a guest lecture to creative writing and marketing students about how she wrote her first children’s novel 'Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen'.

Geri said: "It was wonderful to return to Sheffield Hallam and speak about my journey as an author. I'm so impressed by the talent and passion I see in these young writers, and I hope I can inspire them to pursue their dreams just as I have. Education truly empowers us to achieve our potential."