Geri Horner gave herself bangs in lockdown.

Ginger Spice has revealed she took scissors to her flame-haired tresses herself because she fancied a change and is unable to get a hairdresser to do her hair amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

And although she regretted the chop at first, she admitted it made her "feel something". 

The Spice Girl said of her DIY trim: "At first I thought 'Oh god what have I done?' and then strangely I woke up this morning and I thought 'Do you know what, you are living what you want to share'. It might not look the best, it might not be where I want to be long term but it made me feel something."

The 'Bag It Up' singer also revealed that her trendsetting 90s' blonde streaks at the front of her hair were also a DIY job and she did them on her bandmate Sporty Spice (Melanie C), too.

She said: "I had the red hair but with blonde strips, now that again was very DIY. I thought when you put blonde around your face it's youthful and uplifting, and I just put two strips at the front ... Then I actually did it to Melanie C  as well, and it sort of became a thing."

The 48-year-old singer also admitted that being a redhead is often associated with having "a fire within you" and being "outspoken".

She said in the latest episode of ELLE UK's 'Beauty Truths' series: "There is a connotation that comes with ginger; it's an attitude, there's a fire in you, you're outspoken."

Elsewhere, the 'Wannabe' hitmaker admitted that after she quit the girl group in 1998 and  launched her solo career with her debut album, 'Schizophonic', a year later, she decided to go for more of a strawberry blonde shade to mark her "new chapter" like women do when they leave a relationship. 

She said: "From the ginger, leaving the Spice Girls, it's like leaving a marriage. Sometimes you see girls cut their hair when they leave a relationship - they want change - it kind of helps you move on. It's like a new season ... So when I went into my first album ... It was a warm strawberry blonde where I was going. It still had a nod to the ginger, but it was moving in a different direction, lighter, it felt very authentic to where I was. It wasn't trying to be the leading lady at the party, it wasn't statement hair, it was saying, 'Look, we are taking a rest ... it's OK.' It was like wiping the make-up off and going more simple. It was taking a breath."