Geri Horner has debuted her new song and lyric video for ‘Man on The Mountain’.

The Spice Girl has recently launched a new YouTube series called 'Rainbow Woman' and the track featured in Sunday's second episode (15.11.20), 'Something Bigger’, which saw Ginger Spice climb Mount Snowdon in Wales to fly the Union Jack flag at 3,560 feet to spread some Girl Power.

The lyrics include: “When there’s no one left to blame and no one left to hate. Only when I’ve earned my name. I can truly know my place.

I can climb my mountain high."

The infectious folky number is the 'Mi Chico Latino' hitmaker's first new solo music since 2017's 'Angels in Chains', a charity single in tribute to Geri's late friend George Michael.

The pop star's last studio album was 2005’s ‘Passion’.

It's not known at this time if Geri will be releasing 'Man on The Mountain' on streaming services.

The series is to feature more new original music by Geri, who created ‘Rainbow Woman' amid the global coronavirus pandemic to remind people of the beauty of the world around us.

She said during the most recent episode at the summit of Snowdon: "This world we live in is a wonderful and beautiful place. This is our back garden, it belongs to every one of us.

“We’re not here forever. Whatever is going on in our lives, you go, ‘Look at that’ and you say, ‘There’s something bigger than all of us.'"

For the first episode, 'The Queen Speaks', the 48-year-old singer transformed into Queen Elizabeth I.

Head to to watch the lyric video for 'Man on the Mountain’.