Nearly 32 years after Ghostbusters first hit cinemas, the full trailer for the all-female re-boot has finally been released – and everything looks pretty faithful to the offbeat, deadpan humour of the original, despite what the sexist naysayers are prophesying.

Director Paul Feig reunites with his long-term creative foils Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy as well as ‘Saturday Night Live’ regulars Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. The 53 year old filmmaker has previously described the irate response to the all-girl line-up as “vile, misogynistic s***”, and the trailer looks as if it’ll go a long way to proving him right.

Sharp wit and humour is on display, as well as some neatly touched-up special effects and digitally rendered music, and looks like it’s avoided the pitfall over being overdone in comparison to the much-beloved originals.

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It was previously announced that the three surviving original Ghostbusters – Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson – as well as Sigourney Weaver, will be making appearances in the 2016 version, but not as the characters they played in the originals.

The film represents a significant attempt by Sony to re-boot one of their successful franchises as re-shape it as a ‘universe’, in which other storylines and related characters can exist independently, as many studios have already done successfully. The movie is out on July 15th in the both the US and the UK.

Feig said in a recent interview with The Mary Sue: “I seem to have a very feminine take on the world… …It is just who I am. I get sent scripts all the time, and when it’s a typical male character who has things together but is faced with a problem, I zone out. I just get completely uninterested. I’ve realized after years of watching movies, I’ve tired of the problems of men. I’m tired of seeing it portrayed.”

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