Gigi Hadid wants her own cooking show.

The 19-year-old model has only just been thrown into the limelight but is already thinking ahead to her future and has admitted she'd like to combine her love of food with her passion for entertainment.

Speaking to Adweek about her life after modelling, she said: ''I'm an entertainer, and I think that I'll always be in that business.''

But if a long career in front of the camera doesn't work out for her, she believes her criminal psychology degree could still come in handy in the entertainment industry.

She explained: ''I could always be a fact checker on CSI.''

The blonde beauty has admitted herself and other young models - including Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner - are being forced to think about their future before they're ready to.

She said: ''What people want to know is, 'OK, what's after modelling?' And that's forcing us to think about those things [even earlier]. It's not just OK anymore to model until you're 25 and then stop and be a housewife.''

Meanwhile, Gigi isn't the only one trying to widen her career options as her friend Ireland Baldwin has put modelling on hold while she tries to make a name for herself in the movie industry. But the California-born beauty is struggling to get used to the idea of moving to New York City to pursue her dream.

She said recently: ''I have a few things coming up that I can't really discuss at the moment yet, but that's why I'm going to New York. I've been focusing on acting lately, and that's why I've stepped out of the modelling spotlight to be in film school.''