Back in 2001, Neil Gaiman released one of his most celebrated novels of his career with 'American Gods', introducing some of the most intriguing and compelling characters to the world. When it was revealed that the story would finally be adapted for the small screen on Starz, fans couldn't have been more excited. When people like Gillian Anderson and Ian McShane were brought on board to star, the level of excitement only grew.

Gillian Anderson lets loose in front of photographersGillian Anderson lets loose in front of photographers

Towards the end of 2017, it was revealed that the show's first season showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green had departed the series completely, though they were thought to have finished their writing on the scripts for the upcoming batch of episodes. Now it's been reported that they're not the only major figures who have left the show.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Gillian Anderson won't be returning to her role as Media in the show, despite the incredible reaction she got in the first season. Undoubtedly one of the series' standouts, Anderson is said to have made the decision not to return to 'American Gods' directly because of Fuller and Green's leaving the show. Anderson of course has a pre-existing working relationship with Fuller, following the pair's work on NBC series 'Hannibal', so her decision may come through loyalty to the writer.

Fortunately for those now working on 'American Gods', the character of Media is an ever-changing and evolving one, so it shouldn't prove too difficult to bring her back with a new actress filling the mantle. Whether or not they'll be able to do just as good a job as Anderson however remains to be seen.

We really hope that the Starz show isn't doomed because of all of its recent departures. The beauty and the narrative woven throughout season 1 was one of the most unique to have hit television in recent years, and is something plenty of people were excited about joining all over again in a second season.

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We'll bring you more news on the second season of 'American Gods' as and when we get it.