Fox have officially announced that they have no plans to move forward with a 12th season of 'The X-Files'. The news comes a few months after Gillian Anderson confirmed she would not be returning to the series after season 11 as Dana Scully. Creator Chris Carter said at the time he could imagine the show continuing without her, but it would seem the series' home network Fox disagree.

Gillian Anderson decided not to return to 'The X-Files' after season 11Gillian Anderson decided not to return to 'The X-Files' after season 11

CEO and co-chairman at Fox, Gary Newman broke the news during a conference call with media, where he said "there are no plans to do another season at the moment." Note the final three words, which mean the series hasn't been ruled out completely!

'The X-Files' first started back in 1993, bringing Anderson to the small screen alongside David Duchovny, and turning the pair into one of the most recognisable duos on television. Lasting until 2002 and spawning a slew of films, there was demand ever since it ended to bring it back to TV. Fox heard the call and, in 2016, brought six new episodes to fans.

An 11th season followed, but it would appear this is the end for 'X-Files' all over again.

Though those who love the series will likely be disappointed with this news, it's probably for the best. Seeing 'The X-Files' continue without Anderson as Scully would have been a very strange thing to behold, and could have stained the franchise entirely. She's not ruled out a return to the series in the future, but we imagine if anything like that happened again, it would be in a distant time.

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