Ginnifer Goodwin's pregnancy is like having an ''alien'' inside her.

The 'Once Upon a Time' actress is due to give birth to her and husband Josh Dallas' first child in the coming weeks, and says the baby moves around a lot inside her.

She said: ''There's like a Cirque de Soleil performance. It's like alien stuff....

''I was told that people would be coming up on the streets and just manhandling me, but I've been spared. I have been! I feel a little less loved, but...''

The 35-year-old actress married Josh in an intimate ceremony earlier this month and she admits she was terrified of ''falling over'' because of her large bump as she said her vows.

She said: ''We wrapped production on 'Once Upon a Time' two weeks ago, and a couple days later I was wed in California.

'' I married Prince Charming. We're both southern, so I was literally barefoot and pregnant at our wedding. I was afraid I would fall over. I don't know what I was thinking.''

Though she didn't reveal the gender of the baby, Ginnifer admits she and her spouse are finding it hard to choose a first name that goes with his surname.

She explained: ''Naming a child with the last name of Dallas is a little more complicated.

''[We won't have] a first name that begins with a D because it gets porn-y. And nothing geographical because it sounds like an airport.

''[Dallas] was like, 'Boy or girl, Austin Dallas.' I was like, 'That is an actual place where planes land. We can't do that.' ''

However, referring to the fact Austin is actually in Texas, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel replied: ''You're wrong. It is not. It would have to be a very, very big plane.''