Ginnifer Goodwin's nine-month-old son is an avid reader.

The 'One Upon a Time' actress and husband Josh Dallas have banned little Oliver from watching any kind of screens, including iPads, TV, cell phones and other digital entertainment, until he reaches school age and believes their decision is paying off.

She said: ''Thus far, that has been really easy for us with our lifestyle. He is like the most imaginative nine month old on the planet. He reads books like you wouldn't believe.''

The 36-year-old actress - who plays Snow White in 'Once Upon a Time' - visits Disneyland in California once a month but dons a disguise so she can enjoy her trip without being spotted.

She told FOX411: ''I don't want to describe my disguises because then I would be busted.''

And if she goes without a disguise, Ginnifer is accompanied by bodyguards.

She explained: ''Only because Disneyland is clearly my audience. It's not bodyguards because anybody is going to do anything bad, but Disney, as a company, wants the park-goers to enjoy the park for the park.''

The actress also confessed to having a lot of merchandise from the theme park in her home and was recently told to ''get that a little bit under control.''