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18th August 2015

Fact: Mumford & Sons star MARCUS MUMFORD, Jake Gyllenhaal and Josh Gad and Hollywood couple Ginnifer Goodwin and JOSH DALLAS made an unlikely combo as they teamed up to tour Disneyland in California on Monday (17Aug15).

7th March 2015

Quote: "He's Khal Drogo. He's a bruiser. He's talking, I mean, speaking... Dothraki!" New mum Ginnifer Goodwin is convinced her nine-month-old son Oliver's personality is just like the Game Of Thrones warlord, played onscreen by Jason Momoa.

6th March 2015

Quote: "I had Shrek feet...! We kept thinking we need to go to the hospital and they were just like, 'No, that's (what happens when you're) pregnant, that's just feet now.' Prince Charming gave me a foot rub every night." Actress Ginnifer Goodwin was given daily foot rubs from her husband and Once Upon A Time co-star Josh Dallas as she battled heavily swollen feet during her pregnancy. The couple welcomed a son, baby Oliver, last June (14). Dallas plays Prince Charming in the fantasy series, opposite Goodwin's Snow White.

5th June 2014

Fact: New parents Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas have named their newborn son Oliver Finlay Dallas, according to the official birth certificate obtained by The Once Upon a Time co-stars welcomed their first child last Thursday (29Jun14).

25th April 2014

Quote: "When you're marrying Snow White, you gotta look for a castle, inviting, like, all the animals in the forest, the logistics of finding bathrooms for all those people is weird. No, we had a very small intimate beautiful ceremony here (Los Angeles), at home, it was perfect." Once Upon A Time actor Josh Dallas' recent nuptials to wife and co-star Ginnifer Goodwin weren't as lavish as their fairytale counterparts Prince Charming and Snow White would want them to be. The couple, which is expecting its first child soon, tied the knot on 12 April (14) in front of around 30 guests.

24th April 2014

Quote: "We wrapped production on Once Upon a Time two weeks ago and a couple of days later I was wed in Venice, California... I married Prince Charming... I was literally barefoot and pregnant at my wedding - I was afraid I'd fall over." Mum-to-be Ginnifer Goodwin on her recent nuptials. The pregnant actress wed her Once Upon a Time co-star Josh Dallas on 12 April (14).

12th November 2013

Quote: "She sounds like a little girl. So I toned it down so as not to distract the audience - nobody talks like that today." Actress Ginnifer Goodwin decided not to mimic Jackie Kennedy's high-pitched voice for her role as the former U.S. First Lady in Tv movie Killing Kennedy, which aired in the U.S. on Sunday night (10Nov13).

4th June 2013

Fact: Ginnifer Goodwin has become the latest celebrity to film an episode of children's Tv hit Sesame Street. The actress, who recorded her mystery segment on Tuesday (04Jun13), joins Jon Hamm and Joseph Gordon-Levitt among the educational show's most recent guest stars.

21st October 2011

Quote: "I had a bit of a stunt accident on the set. I like to say I was jumping from horse to horse and a tiger got in the way, which is a little bit of an exaggeration. The true story is a little too embarrassing." Actress Ginnifer Goodwin is refusing to open up about a new finger injury.

8th May 2011

Quote: "I do have a box of wigs, if anybody wants to come over and have a costume party. " Actress Ginnifer Goodwin, who sports a short pixie cut, confesses to wearing wigs every time she steps in front of the camera.

16th February 2011

Quote: "I ate a lot over the holidays... and I wasn't feeling very good about myself, very sexy, and she showed up with this wonderful gift bag and she's like, 'I think this'll make you feel sexy again'." Newly-engaged actress Ginnifer Goodwin on her leather lingerie Valentine's Day gift from Big Love co-star Chloe Sevigny.

14th January 2011

Quote: "Honest to God, my biggest dream is to be a Disney animated princess. I'm begging my way into the Disney studios. Let me audition for Tangled! Let me audition for The Frog Princess!" Actress Ginnifer Goodwin is desperate to voice a Disney character on film.

19th July 2010

Quote: "I will not dip so much as a toe in the ocean. I am that terrified of sharks." Actress Ginnifer Goodwin has galeophobia.

18th January 2010

Quote: "We don't get naked... but people think we do. I'm like, 'No, that's actually impossible - you didn't see what you thought you saw.'" Ginnifer Goodwin insists the cast never strip for hit show BIG LOVE.

12th May 2009

Quote: "Im a better person in a relationship, and Im a happier person. I need to come home at the end of the day and have it not be about me and my freaking hair and makeup and character motivations anymore. And I think my work is more inspired when home is safe and sound and solid because what I do for a living is so bananas and so insecure." Walk the Line star Ginnifer Goodwin loves to be romantically attached.

10th February 2009

Quote: "I was raised in this Southern culture where if a guy was sarcastic, that just meant he didn't know how to show his love - but secretly he cared! I completely bought that." HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU star Ginnifer Goodwin blames her tolerance for disinterested suitors on her Tennessee upbringing.

6th February 2009

Quote: "When we were shooting, the crew would have to say, 'Stop being so funny' because we were laughing too hard." Ginnifer Goodwin and her HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU co-stars couldn't keep a straight face around funnyman Justin Long.

5th February 2009

Quote: "I'm, like, on a vegan high. I don't need drugs, there's a party in my body. Everything's working appropriately." Actress Ginnifer Goodwin on becoming a strict vegetarian.

29th January 2009

Quote: "I was hoping to learn how to cram into a Volkswagen Beetle, or at least how to do pratfalls, but we were studying classical clowning technique. I did have to get a nose." Actress Ginnifer Goodwin on her clown school lessons.

29th January 2009

Fact: Walk the Line star Ginnifer Goodwin's father was rocker Roy Orbison's orchestra leader.

28th January 2009

Fact: Walk the Line star Ginnifer Goodwin studied classical theatre at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-Upon-Avon in England.

30th May 2006

Quote: "I have shark nightmares because I had a babysitter who let me watch Jaws when I was entirely too young. That movie scarred me for life." WALK THE LINE star Ginnifer Goodwin.

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