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'A Million Ways To Die In The West' Is A Whip-Cracking Western Comedy As Immature As 'Ted' [Pictures]

Seth Macfarlane Liam Neeson Charlize Theron Amanda Seyfried Giovanni Ribisi Sarah Silverman Neil Patrick Harris

A host of pun-tastic and risqué posters has been released ahead of the release of Seth Macfarlane's new comedy western, A Million Way To Die In The West. Starring Amanda Seyfried, Sarah Silverman, Neil Patrick Harris, Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron, Giovanni Ribisi, and MacFarlane himself, the movie certainly pulls no punches when it comes to rounding up a killer cast.

A Million Ways To Die In The West Seth MacFarlane Charlize Theron
MacFarlane Plays a Sheep Farmer Who's About To Receive The Courage Shake-Up He Needs When Charlize Theron Rolls Into Town.

As well as directing, co-writing and producing the comedy, Seth also takes on the role of cowardly sheep farmer Albert. After Albert backs out of a gunfight, his fickle girlfriend (Seyfried) leaves him for another man. However, the farmer hadn't counted on a mysterious and beautiful woman (Theron) riding into town, who helps him find his courage.

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Is Offensive 'Dads' The Worst Reviewed Show Of The Year?

Seth Green Giovanni Ribisi Seth Macfarlane Fox

There was plenty of hope for Dads. Actually, there wasn't really. But, well...we don't know why we said that. No, there just wasn't.

After Seth Macfarlane's Oscars disaster, nobody was particularly anticipating the writer's new live-action comedy with any gusto, especially with Seth Green involved.

The premise is decent. It follow the lives of video game company founders Eli and Warner (Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi) whose lives are turned upside down when - you guessed it - their fathers (Peter Riegert, Martin Mull) move in.

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Fox Orders Seth MacFarlane's 'Dads' And Samberg's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' [Analysis]

Seth Macfarlane Andy Samberg Christopher Meloni Alexis Bledel Seth Green Giovanni Ribisi

Wow. Fox has really shown its hand for next season, offering four big new shows in the bid to get ahead in the race for ratings. The network has made high profile comedy pickups including the Seth Macfarlane produced Dads and the Andy Samberg starring Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Elsewhere, Fox ordered 13 episodes of of Surviving Jack with Chris Meloni, Enlisted with Geoff Stults and Us and Them starring Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel. But which is likely to become the next Family Guy or New Girl


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Gangster Squad Review

Very Good

This may be based on a true story, but the filmmakers never bother exploring the complexities of historical events, instead opting for a comic book-style approach that's entertaining but somewhat unsatisfying. Still, this style-over-substance approach at least produces a rollicking police thriller that's often a lot of fun to watch, packed with gifted actors who gleefully chomp through the scenery.

The setting is 1949 Los Angeles, where the notorious gangster Mickey Cohen (Penn) is launching a Chicago-style mob takeover of the city. The police chief (Nolte) is determined to stop him, but feels surrounded by corruption, so he hires straight-arrow detective John (Brolin) to head up a secret squad that will operate off the books to stop Cohen, whatever it takes. John's pregnant wife (Enos) isn't thrilled by this, but she helps him select his team: techie Conway (Ribisi), gunslinger Max (Patrick), hot-shot Coleman (Mackie) and quick-learning rookie Navidad (Pena). And then there's pretty-boy detective Jerry (Gosling), who courts danger by launching a fling with Mickey's moll Grace (Stone). Understandably, their task doesn't go smoothly.

Billed as the untold story of what really happened, the film ignores quite a few key facts while indulging in implausible plotting and overly colourful characterisations. In other words, it's impossible to believe anything we're watching, which eliminates all of the relevance and resonance that could have filled this story of police corruption, out-of-control capitalism and especially the use of illegal methods to do the right thing. Instead, the film is all shiny surfaces, with flashy production design, too-immaculate costumes and haircuts, and a plot that reduces a complex situation into a simplistic action movie narrative.

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Bad News For Cartoonish Gangster Squad - Strong Cast Hasn't Saved Film Noir Melodrama

Ryan Gosling Josh Brolin Emma Stone Giovanni Ribisi Sean Penn Nick Nolte

After a delayed release, the first major review of Gangster Squad has hit the web.

Unfortunately for the movie’s execs, Hollywood Reporter’s resident film critic has deemed it not to be worth the wait. It looks as though this film noir crime thriller is going to fall flat in comparison to leading movies of the genre, such as the excellent LA Confidential, with which this movie has many aesthetic similarities.

Gangster Squad, starring Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Emma Stone and Giovanni Ribisi alongside Sean Penn and Nick Nolte, is set in 1949, an adaptation of Paul Lieberman’s book about the LA mob leader Mickey Cohen. It was originally pulled to re-shoot some scenes in the wake of the Aurora Colorado shooting tragedy last year but nonetheless, its arrival has been highly anticipated not least by virtue of its stellar cast. For McCarthy, though, Gangster Squad is lacking in dimension and whereas Mickey Cohen was widely held to be a charming man who kept his dark side under wraps as far as possible, Sean Penn “lays him exclusively as a raving homicidal maniac who might even have given the Nazi hierarchy pause.”

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Top 10 Celebrity Weddings Of 2012: From Nutty Nuptials To Classy Ceremonies

Justin Timberlake Amber Tamblyn David Cross Questlove Matthew Mcconaughey Camila Alves Drew Barrymore Carey Mulligan Natalie Portman Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Giovanni Ribisi Cat Power Dick Van Dyke Jessica Biel

There must have been something in the air this year because we literally had too many celebrity weddings to choose from for this list (sorry Alec Baldwin, you can stop reading now, you got bumped), and it was a tough job whittling it down to 10. So, who DID make the grade in our run-down 2012’s best nuptials?

10. Amber Tamblyn and David Cross

What was the highlight of actress Amber Tamblyn and actor David Cross’ wedding? Well, sadly, even Tamblyn’s stunning gown couldn’t upstage the antics of their unofficial photographer, Questlove. The happy snapper not only DJ’d at the wedding, but also decided to take a number of pics of the happy couple and stick them on his Instagram account. The Roots drummer revealed pretty much everything from the bride’s arrival, to the cutting of the cake, using the hashtag #weddinginthewoods. So, Amber and David – you just about made the grade, but you have your crazy DJ to thank for it.

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Gangster Squad - Trailer Trailer

Mickey Cohen is a dangerous Mafia boss with power over the police and the people of Los Angeles in 1949. His mob and his world revolves around drugs, firearms, prostitutes and casinos with power and money being the only consequence in their criminal misdeeds. However, it's not long before some members of the LAPD begin to question their own methods and power and start to realise that they must be the ones to take down Mickey and his gang but to do so they must hang up their LAPD badges and go into this war without mercy. All they need is five or seven men willing to put their lives on the line against this ruthless mob of forty. But it's not just their own lives threatened in this conflict.

'Gangster Squad' is based on the true story of the real infamous Mickey Cohen which was put into the novel 'Tales from the Gangster Squad' by Paul Lieberman. The crime flick has been directed by Ruben Fleischer ('Zombieland', '30 Minutes or Less') and written by Will Beall ('Castle') in his feature film screenplay debut. It was originally meant to be released in September 2012 but it was pushed back to January 11th 2013 following the tragedy of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting. It was deemed inappropriate for it to be released so soon after given that one scene in the movie was to involve a similar theater massacre.

Director: Ruben Fleischer

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Ted Review

Very Good
Plying his trade in pop culture references and surprising punchlines, MacFarlane jumps the adult-oriented comedy bandwagon with a film that's smarter and funnier than most. It also has a surprisingly warm and serious thematic undercurrent.

After a childhood wish brought his teddy bear to life, John (Wahlberg) has become inseparable with his buddy Ted (voiced by Macfarlane). But John's girlfriend Lori (Kunis) is starting to think that a 35-year-old man and his fluffy pal should stop living like stoner-slackers. Worried about the foul-mouthed, womanising Ted's influence, she encourages John to make his own way in life, so they can be a proper couple. But separating Ted and John is more difficult than it looks.

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Ted Trailer

When young John Bennett's teddy bear miraculously began to speak to him one Christmas night after he made a wish, it was his childhood dream come true. But 27 years later, it's more of a nightmare as Ted begins to get in the way of his 4 year long relationship with Lori. Both John and Ted find it difficult to part with each other after so long - will John's love for Lori compromise his friendship with Ted or will his love for Ted affect his relationship with Lori?

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Contraband Review

There isn't a single moment in this film that feels authentic, as cast and crew charge hardheadedly through a ludicrous series of obstacles that would be comical if the film wasn't so insistent on grunting with explosive machismo every step of the way.

Chris (Wahlberg) is a notorious smuggler who has gone straight to have a quiet life with his wife Kate (Beckinsale) and their two young kids. But when Kate's brother (Jones) falls afoul of New Orleans thug Briggs (Ribisi), Chris and his pal Sebastian (Foster) have to plan "one last job" to get the family off the hook. This involves Chris and Andy travelling by ship to Panama to collect counterfeit bills from a crazy dealer (Luna), then furtively returning to America. But of course nothing goes to plan.

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Contraband Trailer

Chris Farraday used to lead a life of crime but that was before he met his wife, Kate. Now, he's happily married with two children and he wouldn't change it for the world. Even his own father is impressed with how he has turned his life around.

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The Rum Diary Review

Depp's Hunter S Thompson fixation continues with the adaptation of this loosely autobiographical novel. Despite some crazy antics, the film takes an earnest, slightly too-faithful tone that makes it strangely leaden.

In 1960, Kemp (Depp) applies for a job at the San Juan Star in Puerto Rico, working for the sardonic editor Lotterman (Jenkins). He shares a ramshackle flat with photographer Sala (Rispoli), who home-brews super-strong rum with another journalist (Ribisi). While getting slowly pickled, Kemp also gets to know the fast-talking Sanderson (Eckhart), a public relations expert who is using property developers to increase his fortune. Sanderson also has a sexy girlfriend, Chenault (Heard), who immediately catches Kemp's eye. Trouble is brewing everywhere.

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The Rum Diary Trailer

Freelance journalist Paul Kemp decides one day that's he had enough of the hectic lifestyle that the early 1960's New York brings. He moves to Puerto Rico in the Caribbean to take a job at a rundown local newspaper, 'The San Juan Star', run by the equally run down Lotterman.

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The Big White Review

Very Good
It's kind of bizarre that The Big White never landed a proper theatrical release. I mean, how many Robin Williams/Holly Hunter/Woody Harrelson movies go straight to video?

Well, one that I know of.

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It's The Rage Review

Quite a cast has been assembled for this Altman-esque tale of interlocked lives, all clamoring around the "serious social problem" of gun control. While there's no denying that the USA has over fifty million gun owners and it's a subject worthy of address and debate, this movie thuddingly hits the same numb point over and over again: guns are bad, guns can kill. That's about as resonant as It's the Rage will get.

Jeff Daniels and Joan Allen play a miserable suburban couple whose marriage is disrupted by an accidental shooting in their living room at midnight. As it turns out, the guy was Daniels' business partner. Allen moves out in disgust and, through a process of self-discovery, figures out that her happy little life was nothing more than a middle class prison. She hides away at her new workplace, in the employ of eccentric millionaire and computer guru Gary Sinise. Daniels sits at home fuming, renting pornography and playing with his gun.

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Some Girls Review

Some Girls takes the tired old movie about an ensemble of jaded, twentysomething youths in New York City, all looking for meaning and finding nothing but bitter heartbreak, and dramatically updates it, transforming this film into an ensemble of jaded, twentysomething youths in Los Angeles, all looking for meaning and finding nothing but bitter heartbreak.

While there's not much to recommend in this indie study of pretentiousness, it's curious for the Ribisi siblings -- Marissa, the stunning redhead best known from her cameo in The Brady Bunch Movie, and her brother Giovanni, who strikes a much different character here than he's usually typecast in.

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Masked & Anonymous Review

Masked & Anonymous, as a title, comes across as a vague, artsy moniker as inaccessible as the film it represents. But look closer at the name of this movie about revolution and despair, and you'll discover a clear reference to the film's writers; credited as Rene Fontaine and Sergei Petrov, the screenwriters have been unmasked, as it were, revealed to be the film's iconic star, Bob Dylan, and director Larry Charles (HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm).

The result of this combination is an overly ambitious film that's as muddled and cryptic as a mumble-filled Dylan vocal. Dylan stars as the symbolically named Jack Fate, an apparent musical legend, jailed in the midst of a brutally downtrodden America where the government has taken over, war is rampant, and even the counter-revolutionaries have counter-revolutionaries.

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The Gift (2000) Review

Maybe Paramount held back on giving The Gift a wide release during the Christmas season to avoid too many reviewers saying, "This Gift is a holiday lump of coal..." or something like that. If so, good call.

The latest from Sam Raimi (For Love of the Game) is a muddled thriller, filled with tired clichés and some of the worst casting in years. Raimi, along with screenwriters Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Epperson, try so hard to create a "serious" psychic chiller that the film is practically drained of any excitement.

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Boiler Room Review


A Generation X cautionary tale about greed and impatience, "Boiler Room" is a sharp-edged, adrenaline-driven movie that takes place in the eat-or-be-eaten world of crooked stock trading.

Populated by 25-year-old, overnight millionaires who wear their testosterone on the sleeves of their tailored Armani suits, this is an imposing, vigorous and pulsating picture that could have been mighty and portentous if writer-director Ben Younger hadn't cribbed half the script from "Wall Street" and "Glengarry Glen Ross."

Giovanni Ribisi ("The Mod Squad") plays an unscrupulous college dropout looking to make a quick buck with an underground casino he runs from his rented row house. But he starts seeing much bigger dollar signs when a newly-rich (and Ferrari-driving) acquaintance recruits him to cold-call moneyed suckers and pitch them investments for his suspicious brokerage startup.

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Heaven Review


The first of several pivotal scenes in "Heaven" -- a stirring film about guilt, love, retribution and deliverance directed by Tom Tykwer ("Run Lola Run") from the last screenplay by the late Krzysztof Kieslowski ("Red," "White" and "Blue") -- is impossible to watch without your heart jumping into your throat.

A beautiful woman smuggles a homemade bomb (a large C4 packet and a timer set for five minutes) into a Turin, Italy, office high-rise and slips it into an executive's trash can, managing to look nonchalant although on closer examination she is, in fact, frightened and tense but clearly resolute. She then leaves too quickly to notice the janitor enter the office just behind her and empty the trash into her cart.

As the woman hurries to a phone booth across the street, the janitor pushes the cart into a glass elevator already occupied by a father and his two young girls, and the doors close behind her.

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