Actors Giovanni Ribisi and Joely Richardson have just made movie history in Cuba by wrapping the first Hollywood feature since 1960 to be shot in the country.

Director Bob Yari's Papa is the first film since U.S. leader Barack Obama relaxed trade and cultural embargoes on Cuba last month (Jan15) to legitimately shoot in Havana.

In the film, Ribisi portrays real-life journalist Ed Myers, who travelled to Cuba in the late 1950s in search of his literary idol Ernest Hemingway, who taught his guest how to fish amid the early days of the Cuban Revolution.

One of the movie's locations is Hemingway's home, which is currently maintained as a national museum.

Adrian Sparks plays Hemingway in the film and Richardson the writer's wife, Mary.

Hemingway's actress granddaughter Mariel has a cameo in the movie.