What’s going on with Girls Aloud? Their first comeback song ‘Something New’ was certainly something alright … some sort of limp, euro dance track that seemed to whisper and sigh in spite of some sassy (and awful) spoken word sections. Now they’re back again with another slightly troubling offering ahead of their new greatest hits album Ten (we know, we know, a band with only five albums shouldn’t have already commanded two Best Of compilations).

‘Beautiful Cause You Love Me’ is big and ballady and seems to be more in keeping with the big saccharine American pop tradition of such staples rather. It’s also really rather irritating, another song seemingly filled with a 'will-this-do' attitude, something that in fairness plagues many ‘previously unreleased tracks’ on compilation LPs. Voices take turns to go through the verse before coming together, but the harmonies behind are weak and unimaginative. The biggest overriding problem with this track though is that the beginning of it reminds us, for some unsure reason, of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's recent disastrous foray into the world of pop. Something no one should ever have to witness (but you can here).

It’s been a long wait for the return of Girls Aloud and you can’t help but sense from the pair of tracks they’ve revealed so far, that their hearts aren’t wholly in it. Maybe we’re being harsh, but ahead of the release of another greatest hits on November 26, you have to wonder where it might be better if they just cut their losses and concentrated on their own endeavors for good.

Check out 'Beautiful Cause You Love Me':