Gisele Bundchen never goes to bed wearing makeup.

The 40-year-old model has maintained an ''evening cleansing routine'' her entire life, and would never go to bed with makeup on, no matter how exhausted she is after a long day.

Sharing her number one skincare tip, she said: ''Definitely never go to bed wearing makeup. I would work such long hours in all different kinds of makeup so the first thing I would do when I finished work was wash my face and make sure to go to sleep with cleansed skin.

''Sometimes I was so tired after working a long day that all I wanted to do was fall into bed, but I always kept an evening cleansing routine! It helped keep my skin looking fresh, no matter how many wild and fun looks I had during the day.''

Gisele prefers to keep her looks as minimalistic as possible, as her mother always taught her that ''less is more''.

But when it comes to other people, the beauty's best advice is to ''find what works for you''.

She added: ''Less is more. My mother taught me that and I have carried it through every aspect of my life and career. Through the years, I found that beauty comes from within and how you feel on the inside will reflect on the outside.

''The best advice I can give regarding beauty is find what works for you. No one person is created the same, so a beauty routine should feel personal to you and make you feel your best.''

And Gisele also urged people to embrace ageing, as although it can be ''challenging'', she believes the process is a ''beautiful thing and a natural part of life''.

Speaking to ELLE magazine, she said: ''Age is a beautiful thing and a natural part of life, but it can also be challenging. It's all a matter of how we look at it. Life is made by so many different experiences that shape who we are.

''The one thing about getting older is that you get more comfortable in your own skin. I love that every year that passes I get to learn new things and have the opportunity to use the tools I have acquired throughout my life to make a positive impact on the world.''