Gisele Bundchen and her family have thanked health care workers who are tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

The 39-year-old model - who has children Benjamin, 10, and Vivian, seven, with husband Tom Brady - marked World Health Day on Tuesday (07.04.20) with a message of support for the ''incredible'' staff working on the frontline with sick patients.

Gisele wrote on Instagram: ''''Today is World Health Day and we wanted to thank the incredible healthcare workers who are doing their best, every day, to help us. Thank you so much for all your dedication, courage and love.''

Her accompanying post included a video message from herself and her husband, in which they wished medical workers ''luck'' and offered them support.

Tom, 42, said in the video: ''Hey guys I just wanted to thank you for all of you incredible health care workers, doctors, nurses, everyone who's working to support everyone who's come down with this really tough virus.

''We want to let you know we support you, we're here for you, thank you from our family to yours. We wish you good luck and continued success in dealing with this.''

Gisele added: ''Thank you so much. We're sending you all of our love and our prayers. Thank you for being, like my son says, wonderful heroes for all of us.''

The post also featured a touching letter from the couple's son, in which he thanked ''superhero'' health care workers.

Addressed to doctors and nurses, Benjamin wrote: ''This is a very hard in the world right now. Everyone should stay calm. You are all working so hard and because of you, we are going to beat the coronavirus soon.

''Thank you for all the work you've done. You guys are like superheroes. Braver than Batman. Stronger than Superman. And faster than The Flash.

''You can get any job done, best wishes, Benny Brady.''