Giuliana Rancic has put her plans to have a second child on ice.

The reality TV star, whose three-year-old son Duke was born via surrogate in 2012, and husband Bill Rancic haven't give up on their dream to have another baby, but are focusing on raising their little boy at the moment.

The former E! News anchor, who recently moved from Los Angeles to Chicago, said: ''There's really nothing in the works right now to be quite honest. I think there's been a lot on our plate lately with moving to Chicago and Duke starting school there.

''I always want to make sure I'm super present with Duke -- he's always my priority because he's my son and we fought really hard for him, obviously. We were so lucky to have Duke and he keeps us really busy. He's great and thriving and an amazing little boy, but we would love to expand our family. We always wanted to and that dream is definitely still alive.''

Giuliana and Bill have been very open about their fertility issues in the past following her battle with breast cancer in 2011 and she is unable to get pregnant due to medication she is taking as part of her treatment.

The couple were devastated when their final frozen embryos were miscarried by their surrogate last year, but are open to exploring other options.

She told ''It's always a conversation we have and it's something we definitely would love to do. If God blesses us with a child, it'd be incredible.''