Soul legend Gladys Knight was booted off this year's Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday evening (April 24, 2012), but at least the 67-year-old has something to show for her tiresome efforts on the show. Knight began a health program shortly before teaming up with Tristan MACManus for the competition and now has a slim new figure!
Speaking to People magazine after being eliminated from the show, Knight said, "[Tristan] helped [by] wearing me out.You've got to eat healthy and you've got to put a little movement into it". It seems her regular workouts and routines have worked perfectly with Freshology's 'Getslim with the Stars' program. Gladys says she has lost 60lbs in weight by sticking to the plan, which includes pre-rehearsed meals that consisted of a PowerBar, a protein drink and some fruit. However, the 'Empress of Soul' was quick to insists that weight loss isn't the only positive she's taking from the show, saying, "[I won't forget] the family and friends I've made, the knowledge I've gained.It wasn't just about dancing, but getting to know different personalities and how they operate and carry themselves. There are so many life lessons here".
With her group The Pips, Gladys Knight had a string of hit singles during the Motown era, including the classic 'Train to Georgia' in 1973.