Glastonbury Festival could turn into Gas-tonbury according to new reports suggesting the event may have to be moved away from its usual venue of Worthy Farm due to increasing fears over a gas main running through the site. Let's hope the happy campers don't get too over-excited this year.

Michael EavisMichael Eavis has a plan B in case of gas concern

According to festival organisers, concerns over the gas pipe arise on an annual basis from local authorities, but since the music extravaganza has been held at Worthy Farm for more than four decades, it's probably not too much to worry about (touch wood). However, the scare has been enough to have founder Michael Eavis prepare a back-up plan in case anything does go wrong, and hopes to be able to move the 185,000 strong crowd to a site 20 miles away from the Farm.

'We've got a gas main running through the site', Eavis explained. 'They said this is dangerous and I said, 'Well, it's been there for years and so have we'. Every year they make a fuss about this pipe.' on Eavis refers to Mendip District Council, who have reportedly requested that organisers prevent people from dancing on the dangerous areas.

'[It's] a pretty impossible thing to do', Eavis added, according to The Sunday Times. 'They say that if they are all dancing on the pipe at the same time they could fracture it.'

While Eavis seems confident enough that the gas pipe is not an immediate cause for alarm, he has also revealed that police have been in touch to voice their concerns about a possible terrorism threat in June 2016. The Foreign Office currently rates the UK at level 4 for international terrorist threats, which marks it as 'severe' - just one down from the maximum level of 'critical'. Following the attacks in Paris earlier this month, national security is at an all time high. Thus, an event which sees a massive amount of people congregating in one area is a very legitimate worry for authorities.

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On a happier note, the headliners have all been confirmed for June 2016, though nothing has been announced as of yet.