Glee star Jonathan Groff has revealed he was an Amish chauffeur growing up in rural Pennsylvania.

The gay actor worked on his father's horse farm when he was a teenager and was given the job of making sure local girls got home safely.

He tells, "My grandmother who is Mennonite had a lot of Amish women work for her and tend her garden and clean her house, so whenever I would mow the lawn I would drive the Amish women home - I was an Amish chauffeur! They were kind of shy but once you get them in the car and start chatting with them they open up."

Meanwhile, Groff admits it's amazing to go home these days because there are openly gay kids at his old high school.

He adds, "I wasn't out of the closet when I was in Pennsylvania. In high school I was not out. When I went back to see the high school musical a couple of years ago some of the kids were out of the closet and living their lives. I thought, 'Wow this is so great that this is happening now,' because the idea of doing that when I was in high school seemed crazy."