Glee star Lea Michele has publicly thanked Stevie Nicks for her support following the overdose death of the actress' boyfriend Cory Monteith this past summer (13).

Michele reveals she was surrounded by good people who went out of their way to help her cope in the days and weeks after the tragedy - and one of more unlikely caregivers was the Fleetwood Mac star.

She explains, "I had so many amazing people reach out to me, there for me through all of this. And I had the pleasure of having Miss Stevie Nicks call me when Cory passed away and she was so wonderful. She sent me the most beautiful letter, as well a necklace that was hers and a book, a beautiful book of pictures.

"She's so insightful, she's so incredible. She wrote to me in this letter, that I will find strength through my music. And, at the time, it was very early in everything and it was sort of hard to grasp on to the fact that anything could help me. But she was right - (music) is and it has and it will continue to be my source of strength in all of this."

Meanwhile, the Glee star, 27, has also heaped praise and gratitude on Kate Hudson, who let her castmate stay in her home as she mourned the loss of her boyfriend.

In an interview with U.S. Tv personality Ellen DeGeneres, which will air on her show on Thursday (12Dec13), Michele says, "She was so wonderful to basically give me her home to myself and my family. It was so helpful to just, basically, have a safe place to process, and just have a minute to just breathe before getting back to my house, which just has a lot of memories and stuff. So being some place else to just have a moment was really nice.

"To have that time to just really be in private with this for a moment - before getting back to work and before going home - I'm just so thankful to her."