The veteran singer, who went public with his mental health battle in 2011, previously spent 18 months in a Nashville, Tennessee medical centre after Kim, his wife of 33 years, decided it was time to seek professional help for her confused husband.

She brought Glen home in July (15) with the intention of becoming his full-time carer again, but the responsibility was too much for her to handle, and she has since decided to turn to medics once more.

"I always wanted to bring him home and give it another try because I miss him so terribly," Kim Campbell explains, "(but) it was just more than I could handle. He's the sweetest person in the world, but he becomes combative when you try to change his clothes or bathe him. It really wasn't the best situation."

She visits her ailing husband, 79, every day at the "beautiful" new facility, where he is also being cared for by his nephew and a family friend, who both work at the centre, and Kim insists Glen is doing well, despite the fact his illness is now in the sixth of seven stages.

She adds, "Physically, he's very strong and healthy. He's content and cheerful."

The news emerges months after two of Glen's children, Debby Campbell-Cloyd and Travis Campbell, launched a legal battle against Kim, accusing her of "secluding" their dad "from the rest of the family".

In a petition, filed in March (15), they urged a judge to appoint conservators and a guardian to protect their father's medical and financial interests.

Debby is the singer's daughter from his first marriage to Diane Kirk, and Travis is his son from his second union with Billie Jean Nunley.