Goldie Hawn has also had a passion for dancing, long before she made a name for herself as an actress. She did ballet and tap from the age of three, but her latest fascination is with the tribal dances of certain Southern Africa groups.

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer star in 'Snatched'Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer star in 'Snatched'

In an interview about her new movie 'Snatched', in which she stars opposite Amy Schumer, Goldie expressed how she was a lot more adventurous than the cautious mom Linda Middleton who she plays in the movie. In fact, she even divulged one of her biggest travel dreams.

'I'd like to jump with the Zulus', she said. 'I think that's the next thing. It's one of the things I really wanna do. There's a lot of dance going on in the world, we don't see all of it but how about jumping for joy? Zulus are jumpers, you know? It's so cool.'

Watch the trailer for 'Snatched' here:

It's unclear how much Goldie knows about the subject of African dances, but from our own research we can confirm that this kind of 'jumping dance' does indeed exist in the continent, though it is actually more usually associated with the Maasai People of East Africa (from countries like Kenya) where they call it Adumu. Nonetheless, we're pretty confident that Goldie could master any still of dance having formerly run her own ballet school before making her professional dancing debut in 'Can-Can' in 1964.

However, her dance success does not compare with her Academy Award winning success in film, though 'Snatched' marks her first movie in fifteen years. In it she plays the over-protective and extremely wary single mother of a grown-up daughter who convinces her to travel to South America on an adventure vacation after getting dumped by her boyfriend. Needless to say, Goldie's character couldn't be further from her true personality.

'Snatched' will be released in theatres on May 12th 2017.