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How We Operate
ATO Records
Album Review

It's hard to believe that this is actually Gomez's seventh album since they jumped straight in to our hearts with the release of "Whipping Piccadilly" on 1998's "Bring It On". Even I must admit that I don't own their albums but that's the wonderful thing about Gomez, each album has a different kind of vibe to it but still with that vital and rather unique Gomez sound. If you're a fan and you're not too keen on one of the albums, you know you can just stick around and jump back on the ever increasing train because sooner or later another album will be around with more of what you are after.

I was eager to get this CD in my player but I didn't expect to play it as much as I have done - I basically haven't taken it out. This album in particular has a more universal sound but definitely without loosing their uniqueness that has grown them an army of fans.
It seems to me that every track on this has the potential of becoming a single which is a welcome relief after hearing some bands that seem to fill their albums with B sides and only a couple of great tracks!

It kicks of in beautiful style with "Notice", a track that will make you remember why you first went out and purchase your first Gomez album. It reminds you of their style and grace they have with guitars and the lead singer's use of pitch and tones backed up with choristic vocals from the rest of the band (did I just make that word up!?).
Musically, this album is closet to "Bring It On" the use lots of experiental sounds, well, could we expect less of Gomez? As the album progresses you can find a track for every mood. Happy, sad, soulful, missing, it's all covered cross these 12 brilliant tracks. My personal favourite has to be "See the World" – showing again their great use off acoustic guitars and soulful voices, you find yourself singing along even though you don't yet know the words – just like your grandad does when he's pretending he is still cool listening to Radio One!
"Girl Shaped Love Drug" is a deffinate single, with it's flowing verses and catchy chourses. "Woman! Man!" and "All too Much" are two more brilliant tracks, they're definite contenders for singles, especially when the chorus comes in on the latter and you can already see yourself singing along at the top of your voice while watching them live, sitting on a train or even just sitting at your desk at work…. trust me, I know!
How could we ever forget about title track "How We Operate" this is the first song i heard off the album and i was instatly impressed.

Credit where credit's due there aren't many bands that can boast releasing a 7th album of such quality. If you've been a fan of anything Gomez has released before, this album won't disappoint. All in All this is a great album, Gomez must be very happy in their newly formed home at ATO & independente records.


Adam Prickett

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