Leeds University
Live Review


With all this good weather about I find people like to be outside on a hot summers evening, though tonight I was going to make an exception as I've the pleasure of going to see Gomez at the Leeds student Union. Deciding to put up with the sweaty arm pits of the some 400 other fans was a small price to pay for the sweet harmonious melodies of the fab five.

After being a Gomez fan for many years I didn't think they would still be around at this point in time, due to the rise to glory from there Mercury prize wining debut album 'Bring It On'. They had a distinctive lull in fans after the smoke cleared but there they are on stage still performing and churning out albums.

But enough of the back ground, the gig was bound to be a good one. With their history and musicianship behind them they really have a good sound that has progressed with each album. The string of hits they kept pumping out was very reassuring as most bands tend to play the majority of the set with all new songs from the promoting album. My favourite quote from the night has to be ,"We ave got a new album out that's fu**ing ace, so go and buy it !". But there were all the old hits in there from the early days as well as the new material from there new album 'How We Operate'.

The best part about the new songs in there arsenal is that they haven't got carried away but almost striped the songs down to brass tacks, though kept the summery simple Gomez formula that we all know and love, which is good, I don't know about you but Madonna reinvention her self works for her though with Gomez I think they have taken the right direction of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it..!" good lads!!! It's all about there great solid songs that inspire you and I tend to day dream in far of exotic shores when they get in to full swing, they transport you to some where else land, and if that isn't musically moving, I dont know what is.

'Homba Beach' was a lovely summer tune from the new album also the title track was a good hit with Ben Otewell providing the lead vocals. As i said the new stuff sounds a lot like the old gomez and does grasp you in the same way. Not that im saying its just same old same old, they have matured but kept the best parts and atmosphere of days past.

As always the vocal harmonies carry the band to other levels that budding musicians aspire to replicate though just cant pull it if with the velvety goodness of the gomez boys.

The single release "girlshapedlovedrug" was a crowd pleaser (no surprise ) delivered sincerely was a nice up beat and light tune. The high light of the night was the grand finale of Whippin' Piccadilly. I swear they must of played that song so many time as they were playing it at a very fast pace none-the-less it rocked and so did Gomez. Good work lads cant wait to see you at the festivals....

Dave Moorhouse

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