Good Shoes
The Social, Nottingham
Live Review

Good Shoes

Rhys Jones seems to have gained some weight, Joel Cox a black eye, Tom Jones hair and finally Steve Leach facial hair. The most important thing that Good Shoes seemed to of gained however is masses of confidence. Still playing every venue that is possible, and seeing the year out with a tour Good Shoes prove that as a live outfit there are not to many bands out there better.

So after three Singles, an EP and a shit load of gigs the only question left to ask is when is there going to be an album to promote these tours that Good Shoes always seem to be on? Who knows? The one thing I do know is that it is a cold quiet night in Nottingham, evident that Christmas has killed off the cash flow of a lot of people, as the town centre seems empty. This has not deterred the Good Shoes faithful, and as the venue fills up quite late on really and the band times are put back an hour it is only right to get another couple of beers in and just wait for the bands to appear!

First up, are a band that I feel don't deserve too much of a mention and it was like listening to a mega mix of ten different bands in one song! Heard it all before and not at all impressed. The less said about these the better.

Come ten and Good Shoes finally make an appearance but the crowed just seem more up for it rather than annoyed at the wait. The band look in good spirits laughing and joking with each other between songs. So the band kick straight off with Nazanin, and that just set you up for the rest of what can only be described as a faultless set! We get a first listen of the new Single, The Photos On My Wall, and if that isn't enough the band play a brand new, never been heard before track Wait. Naturally the band played We Are Not The Same and the crowed erupt into a bit of frenzy. The only real disappointing thing was that there was no encore everybody likes an encore! At the end of the day at least Good Shoes finished off with All In My Head.

The band have some great tracks and certainly know how to use them in a set, it seems that now the expectation of this band has increased and it is time for the band to make that next step up.

Mark Moore

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