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Good Shoes All In My Head Single

So we've had disco punk, we've had gypsy punk, all fads the lot of them, you don't need glowsticks to enjoy a pogo, or fine crochet wear, pegs and the ability cut down hedges at an extreme discount, to be sure. So the first strums of this little ditty worried me, they were all a little bit 'One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock rock…' and a little bit 'up, down, strum, chucka strum, black and white chucka strum'. Yep, like ska 'n' roll. Eurgh. Only erm, not eurgh, catchy tune nagging my brain, how it possibly works is beyond me but it does. B-Side 'Questions and Answers' is even better, meandering from complex time signature to tricky guitar loop it's a little treat until it's crass pay off. There's more ideas in here than in an infant sand pit, plenty to split this crowd from their peers and shield them from the baying youths wanting more fads.

John McGee

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