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Good Shoes Think Before You Speak Album

Brille Records - 26/03/07

Good Shoes are set to release their debut album Think Before You Speak. With the length of time that it has taken for the release of this album, they must have put a lot of thought into putting this record together. For the impatient fan asking, "Why did it take so long?" Well in case you haven't noticed Good Shoes have been performing in every venue, record shop and anywhere else that they can fit their equipment.

It is hard to think that four singles have already been released from this debut album from Good Shoes. What's not so surprising is that at first aural glance, there are probably another four singles that could come off this. Good Shoes have produced a masterstroke with this; they have mixed arrogance with self-doubt along with catchy pop tunes.

Think Before You Speak is a 14 track of pure British Indie meets Pop Culture. There couldn't have been a better way to start the album than with Nazanin, it nicely eases you into the album. Photos On My Wall follows, it's one of the many already released singles. Still this is a very addictive catchy tune. Morden is a stop/start sort of track that gives a fresh new sound that is not as heavy as Arctic Monkeys and not as chilled as The Feeling.

Further into the album we reach yet another single 'Never Meant To Hurt You'. This is what you could say is the release set to help promote the album. Not a bad choice to come from the Good Shoes catalogue. 'Never Meant To Hurt You' is one of many live favourites with the fans, so naturally it had to be released as a single. Talking of live favourites 'We Are Not The Same' brings you back to that stop/start guitar playing intro, & shouted chorus. When you get to this point you realise what a constant vocal performance that lead singer Rhys (and the rest of the band) gives through this whole album. The most talked about track 'Small Town Girl' is yet another brilliant track.

Good Shoes have entertained and kept the loyal fans waiting, but it's finally over.

Mark Moore

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