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Video - Paparazzi Told To Move As They Try And Snap Leighton Meester And Chase Crawford Filming 'Gossip Girl'

Actors Leighton Meester and Chase Crawford make conversation during a break on the set of 'Gossip Girl' in New York City as they and the crew prepare to film a scene. The photographers who are trying to snap the actors in action are told off by one member of the crew for obstructing the filming equipment and preventing them from being able to film. Meester pleads, 'Please you guys, let's just get it going' as she waits for the paparazzi to move so they can continue filming but the photogs complain to the crew member that Meester doesn't want to be photographed which prevents them from doing their job.

Flashing The Bling! Photos Of Blake Lively Wedding Ring Revealed

Blake Lively Gossip Girl Ryan Reynolds

When photos emerged of Blake Lively returning to work on Gossip Girl, the eager snappers struggled to get a photo of her sparkling new ring but she kept the rock well-hidden. Celebuzz.com, however, have published snaps of Blake and her new husband Ryan Reynolds, which were reportedly taken the day after their nuptials in South Carolina. And it's a hell of a diamond that Blake's sporting, too. According to Celebuzz.com, Ryan will have shelled out between $1.2 million and $2 million on Blake's ring.

A leading jeweller confirmed that the ring will have cost around $2 million. "The ring is an oval cut diamond, roughly 12 'carat total weight' (which describes the total weight in carats of all the diamonds in a piece of jewelry) depending on the way it was cut. Depending on clarity and color, I would say at the minimum this retails for $1.2 million, but closer to $2 million," explained Adelaide Polk-Bauman of Forevermark Diamonds. "It looks particularly brilliant." If those figures turn out to be true then it's really no wonder that Lively has decided not to wear the dazzling new accessory to work.

The Blake Lively ring was reportedly designed by the jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. A spokesperson for the jeweler revealed "They worked together to design a custom setting in rose gold and pave diamonds with a nod to deco." Blake Lively married Reynolds on September 9, at the Boone Hall plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Video - Actors Take A Break Before Preparing To Shoot Gossip Girl Scenes

A 'Gossip Girl' actress grabs a bite to eat and chats with a colleague while taking a break from filming on the Manhattan set. She and another actor then shoot a brief talking scene after photographers and others watching are shimmied further away to give them more space.

Recently, the exclusive private girls' school that was the inspiration for the hit TV series faced scandal when a married male teacher aged 55 was removed from his class over allegations that he had an affair with a former pupil. The school is one of the most high-class schools in New York and costs almost $40,000 a year to attend

Video - Leighton Meester Films Segment For Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester (Monte Carlo; The Roommate; Date Night) is seen on the set of Gossip Girl in New York. The actress, dressed in green, films a scene in which she looks out of a window at the busy New York streets below with a look of anxiety on her face.

Leighton is due to appear in upcoming comedy I Hate You, Dad, alongside Adam Sandler, Susan Sarandon and Andy Samberg. The film is said to be about a grumpy father who moves in with his soon to be married son.

Video - Blake Lively Hits Sunset Blvd For 'Gossip Girl' Scene

Blake Lively, the Hollywood actress and star of recent superhero flick 'Green Lantern', spotted shooting scenes for 'Gossip Girl' on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. Filming close to the Bistro Laurent Tourondel, Lively is spotted speaking on her cell phone while wearing a flowing summer dress.

As well as her work on 'Gossip Girl', Lively is shooting OLIVER STONE's crime-drama 'Savages', about two pot growers who do battle with the infamous Mexican drug cartel who kidnaps their shared girlfriend

Video - Elizabeth Hurley And Chase Crawford On The Set Of Gossip Girl - Part 4

Elizabeth Hurley and Chase Crawford on the set of Gossip Girl - Part 4

Video - Elizabeth Hurley And Chase Crawford Filming For Gossip Girl - Part 3

Elizabeth Hurley and Chase Crawford on the set of Gossip Girl - Part 3

Video - Elizabeth Hurley And Chase Crawford Working On Gossip Girl - Part 2

Elizabeth Hurley and Chase Crawford on the set of Gossip Girl - Part 2


Elizabeth Hurley, the British actress and star of 'Bedazzled', spotted getting close to Chase Crawford whilst shooting a scene for teen-drama 'Gossip Girl' in New York City. Hurley is seen rehearsing a segment in which she climbs out of a cab before meeting Crawford's character on the steps of an apartment building.

Hurley plays 'Diana Payne' on the show, a self-made media mogul who becomes a force to be reckoned with. She is juggling work on the series with filming on the action-horror movie 'High Midnight', with Rachael Leigh Cook

Video - Leighton Meester Filming On The Set Of 'Gossip Girl' - Part 2

Leighton Meester filming on the set of 'Gossip Girl' - Part 2

Video - Leighton Meester Filming On The Set Of 'Gossip Girl' - Part 1

Leighton Meester, the American actress who most recently starred in 'Monte Carlo', is spotted filming scenes for the hit CW series 'Gossip Girl'. Meester wore a yellow top and gold floral skirt for the shoot.

After filming a number of scenes, the actress is seen chatting with the production team before buying a pretzel from a local stall. The CW recently announced that Meester and co would be returning to the teen drama for renewed fifth season, set to premiere in the fall 2011
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